@_tripleNull @purism oh. They sent me a photo of one of my videos being played on a devkit. I just realized that might be unclear.

@gbryant @_tripleNull @purism Haha, yup, I also thought they'd sent you a dev kit :)

@gbryant @purism I hope that is confirmation that LBRY working

@gbryant @purism hah, imagine the people at purism watching speculation video's of the device they are preparing to launch when they are bored 😁

@gbryant @purism awesome! I'm glad you're covering the 5 regularly too tbh. Saw the quake2 video. There seems to be a lack of dev kit blogging and it makes me a little sad.

@gbryant @purism So cool ! Hope you will show it to us in video :)

@gbryant @purism I can't wait for the shipment! All these teasers are killing me!

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