@purism no, but I have high expectations. 😍
No pressure. 😉

@purism Will it support or perhaps is even based on passwordstore.org ?? If so it would be awesome!

@shellkr @purism agreed. Really hope this integrates with password-store.

@ams @shellkr @purism
Video says Keepass format, which probably means you can at lest import it. I also guess pullrequests for an alternative backend are welcome 😉

@danielst @ams @purism Keepass is good but it has the issue with opening the whole database when you need only one password. Which is the main reason I opted for Pass instead. It doesn't use a database and will only open the password you need.

You pretty much only need GnuPG to support Pass so I hope to see support soon.

@purism sweet! I recognise libhandy widgets already, it’s nice seeing how well everything integrates.

After all, maybe the Librem 5 won’t be as much a “potato phone” at launch as I expected. Good work guys!

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