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‪The Lunduke Show has overtaken minutephysics to become the #3 channel on LBRY!

‪#1, here I come!

Interview with Adafruit founder, Limor Fried.

Read the interview (and watch/listen to the commentary version) for free right here:


Just in case you missed any Lunduke-y articles from the last week. ;)

Linux Foundation bans person for Tone Policing.

Who will buy Canonical and SUSE?

Humans forgot how to be offline.

‪Humans forgot how to be offline.‬

‪Article & Video:‬

Who will buy Canonical and SUSE?

With IBM's acquisition of Red Hat -- there has been plenty of speculation of who will purchase the other Linux heavy-weights. I think I have an idea...

Article + Video Commentary (all free):

Linux Foundation bans person for "Tone Policing."


Full article (just the facts, no opinion) and video reaction (with opinion) for free at the link.

‪Part of my weekly routine. Meeting my farmer for the weeks milk.‬

‪Real milk. No weird homogenizing agents added (which totally ruin baked goods). Stuff is so creamy delicious.‬

Installed unmodified desktop on my .

Performance is fantastic (can play some great DOS-era games), but the display is just a tiny bit too big for the screen.

Then I remembered it fit on the Librem 5 dev kit with one line changed in the .conf. (Window size.)

I find task switching on the (PureOS) really interesting.

The launcher and the switcher are the *same* view.

No apps are running: the grid of installed apps takes up the full view.

With apps are running: the top half becomes a row of the apps you can swipe through.

I am seriously blown away by how much of the @gnome software works on the smaller, touch-centric screen of the .

The work of the GNOME team, the @purism crew, and so many independent developers that are making this happen... truly impressive.

All of you rule.

It's amazing to me how much software is already available on the Librem 5.

- Some of it optimized for touch screens.
- Some partially optimized.
- Some not yet optimized, but functional.

The power of Free and Open Source software (and Linux) at work. :)

Weekly Tech News - Oct 15, 2019

News Stories: Linus Torvalds, Microsoft, Internet Archive, DOS games, Google Stadia, Twitter, Xbox, Blizzard, & China.

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Holy smokes.

LibreOffice runs on the Librem 5!


Saving files, opening files, typing... the UI is a bit cramped (it's a desktop app on a phone)... but hot-diggity! It works!

Well. LibreOffice successfully installed on the Librem 5!

But... I mean... It won't actually run.

... will it?

What madness is this?!

Installing the complete, unmodified LibreOffice right on a Librem 5?!??

This can't work... can it?

Time to install some more software on my Librem 5.

This is fun. :)

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