What a Clockwork Gameshell? (You do.)

What it for freeeeee? (Also yes.)

My buds at @Linode are giving one away for free. Plus you all get $20 of Linode credit (for running a virtual server or such) to use. Which is also nifty.


Firefox's new Enhanced Tracking Protection whitelists Google, Instagram... and Winamp?

Seriously. Not a joke. Winamp.

This amused me.

Ways to Watch:
YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=UqkeZIPLY5
LBRY: beta.lbry.tv/firefox-s-enhance
Podcast: lunduke.com/

If only there was a Tech podcast / show that had...

- No Swearing (kid and work friendly)
- No personal attacks ("Be Excellent To Each Other")
- No political attacks (no matter who you vote for, we're friends)
- Lots of nerdy-ness (goofy and serious)


Whenever someone asks me for "supporting data" to back up something I say... it makes me giggle.

If you get your podcasts via Apple or Google thingiemadoodles...

I don't judge. The Lunduke Show is there.

Links here:

What is more important: Freedom or Truth?


I recommend subscribing to this show via LBRY (lbry.com), channel: "@lunduke".

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