‪2020 New Year's Resolution:‬

‪No Social Media‬

‪No Cellular Data‬

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Ever wonder what Lunduke thinks about something?

Wonder, no longer. These are obvious statements about Lunduke.

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Got a refreshed lunduke.com going on.

Rearranged a bit. Added a recent articles/episodes section.

Still loads wicked fast and has no Javascript.

And, yeah. No HTTPS. Thunderdome.

Let’s make Linux dominate the LBRY video service.

As of right now, the #3 and #5 channels on LBRY have a heavy focus on Linux and Open Source. How cool would it be to be #1?

Answer: Very cool. I think we can do it.

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"I do not think that companies with a vested interest in the failure of Open Source should be allowed to fund the major Open Source organizations. That is, to say the least, a conflict of interest."


‪The 2 (Big) Problems Facing Linux (and Open Source) in 2020.‬

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Linux users identify with their OS (ie "I am a Linux user") more often (a LOT more often) than Mac, Windows users.

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‪This week feels like the right time to bust out my Hanukkah sweaters.‬

‪Nes gadol hayah sham, y'all.‬

An interview with a Linux conference organizer.

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‪Yeah, baby!‬

‪The Lunduke Show has overtaken minutephysics to become the #3 channel on LBRY!

‪#1, here I come!

Interview with Adafruit founder, Limor Fried.

Read the interview (and watch/listen to the commentary version) for free right here:


Just in case you missed any Lunduke-y articles from the last week. ;)

Linux Foundation bans person for Tone Policing.

Who will buy Canonical and SUSE?

Humans forgot how to be offline.

‪Humans forgot how to be offline.‬

‪Article & Video:‬

Who will buy Canonical and SUSE?

With IBM's acquisition of Red Hat -- there has been plenty of speculation of who will purchase the other Linux heavy-weights. I think I have an idea...

Article + Video Commentary (all free):

Linux Foundation bans person for "Tone Policing."


Full article (just the facts, no opinion) and video reaction (with opinion) for free at the link.

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