An interview with a Linux conference organizer.

Read (or watch, or listen) for free here:

‪Yeah, baby!‬

‪The Lunduke Show has overtaken minutephysics to become the #3 channel on LBRY!

‪#1, here I come!

Well over 2 thousand people have filled out this survey, studying the effects of Operating Systems on happiness.

Awesome. Some fantastic data here. I'm going to leave the survey open through the weekend, then publish the findings next week.

Linux Thursday cometh!

Got questions? Are they good and Linux-y (or at least a little Open Source-y)?

Ask 'em! Right here! Right now! Shazam!

I am officially stepping down as the Director of Marketing for @purism for very personal reasons.

I remain a huge fan of Purism and the amazing work they're doing for both Freedom and privacy -- but this was a change I had to make for me and my family.

@yisraeldov lol, yeah. But it works well. And it can be taken totally anonymously. So it works. Tried to use a few different FOSS survey tools and all of them broke and didn't do what I needed.

Survey. About Operating Systems and happiness and such. You can take it. It's anonymous. Part of an upcoming article and whatnot.

Interview with Adafruit founder, Limor Fried.

Read the interview (and watch/listen to the commentary version) for free right here:

@zachir There's a few great ones out there -- HP 100LX is a nice 186-based unit. Getting files on and off would be via serial/modem (so you'll need another computer capable of that).

@lunduke I'm looking for a little palmtop-style computer, with the ideals of 1- being able to run a rad operating system (DOS, FreeDOS, AmigaOS, maybe even Linux/*BSD) and 2- having some means of getting information off of it when I need to transfer data to my regular setup. I anticipate having to save up for it, but I'd like recommendations on what I should be looking for. I don't want a GUI (I'd mostly just be running wordgrinder and vim) & I anticipate not having a working network connection.

Just in case you missed any Lunduke-y articles from the last week. ;)

Linux Foundation bans person for Tone Policing.

Who will buy Canonical and SUSE?

Humans forgot how to be offline.

‪Humans forgot how to be offline.‬

‪Article & Video:‬

Who will buy Canonical and SUSE?

With IBM's acquisition of Red Hat -- there has been plenty of speculation of who will purchase the other Linux heavy-weights. I think I have an idea...

Article + Video Commentary (all free):

@lunduke, you maniacal maniac, you have absolutely changed my world view.

I tried going "unplugged" (I turned mobile data and wifi off on my phone, so I could only use it offline), at the suggestion of a previous video, and it was a great experience. The only people I interacted with were the people around me. And I very quickly felt more creative and productive. I recommend everyone to try it!

@kasra_mp @yisraeldov I think it's safe to assume that *most* of my fans... disagree with me on a lot of issues. Possibly most. ;)

@yisraeldov Man. I really feel for you and your family, my friend!

Linux Foundation bans person for "Tone Policing."

Full article (just the facts, no opinion) and video reaction (with opinion) for free at the link.

On one hand, tech companies violate our , capture massive amounts of data without consent, and process and categorize it w/ ruthless efficiency to ever-more-precisely target us with ads.

On the other hand, AARP keeps trying to sell my deceased dad life insurance.

No Linux Thursday this week. I'm too sick to record a new episode today.

Got a video "in the can" that I'm releasing in its place. Never fear, Matt Hartley will be back with me next week to get our Linux on. ;)

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