Today's piece in the Mercury News:

Headline: New generation of tech firms urges stronger privacy laws

Reject Big Tech efforts to weaken California law and regulate us. Seriously.

By Purism CEO, @todd and Brave CEO, @BrendanEich

@purism @todd @BrendanEich nah, it is not the companies that should protect one's privacy, it's a work that should be done by oneself. It's a matter of education than a matter of law. If you think that the government is a kind of ally protecting people's privacy you are terribly mistaken since the power that comes from the State is based in the control of the normal citizen.

@purism @todd @BrendanEich

The war on freedom and personal security is astoundingly successful. Most people don't even realize that they have become complicit in being spied on. And most spying has gotten sophisticated enough that average tech consumers don't know how to stop it.

Our laws should all be built around sound principles. Next week we celebrate Independence Day in the US. Stories like this should remind us of why we are a country in the first place. People want Freedom.

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