We are all aware that many surnames are derived from professions (Smith, Cooper, Weaver). In the course of my research into the history of weaving I didn't realize how many others derived from cloth production:

* Fuller - someone who fulls woolen cloth (works cloth in water to shrink/fluff it)
* Walker - derived from Waulker, someone who Waulks, or fulls, fabric
* Shearer - shears sheep, or removes excess nap from cloth
* Draper - weaver/seller of cloth
* Dyer - dyes cloth

@kyle Mercer was a transporter and dealer in textiles

@kyle In Scotland, there is a traditional song genre called 'waulking songs' sung while fulling.

I think the surname Tenter may also be from the person who puts the wool from the fuller onto the frames and tenterhooks.

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