Now that I'm really cranking through this project, I had the fleeting thought "wow maybe it *would* be profitable to sell these" until I did the math. It will take 8 hours to weave the fabric and another 12 to finish it (tying fringe, washing, ironing) and sew it into a tote. I realized if I sold them for $350 I'd cover material costs and pay myself a $15/hr minimum wage.

So if you are wondering why I'm not opening up an Etsy store or something, that's why.

People really don't realize how expensive yarn is and how long it takes to make things.

I will not crochet you a blanket for $50 😒

@kyle That's why people keep going on about taking control of the means of production. The Luddites were not opposed to technology. They just didn't think it should be owned by one guy who kept all the profits while their wages stagnated. Machine looms are incredible, and the only reason we have sweatshops as a consequence is political: capitalist investors own the means of production.

So much this! It's a conversation I've had countless times. People say, "You should sell these as a side business!" So I walk them through the math and, too often, they look puzzled and say, "But why would count the cost of your time? Seems unfair to charge buyers for your time if you like doing this as a hobby." 🤦‍♀️ Never found the words that would get through that level of cluelessness.

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