I've been on a chronological timeline both here and on Twitter for a few years. Here is how I manage it:

I don't follow lightly. Following means I want to see all your posts. I read each post.

I filter. When ppl fill up my whole timeline with streams of posts too often, I either filter boosts or unfollow. It's nothing personal.

What about trending? Easy to tell what's trending because people w/ shared interests who I follow post/boost about the topic. If not, I follow someone new who does.


I think everyone recognizes just how bad algorithms can be at predicting your interests. Relying on algorithms so you don't miss out on something means you do miss out on a lot of posts from people you do follow. I always wondered just how many posts on Twitter my followers actually saw.

Ultimately, the only one who knows what I want to see on my own timeline is me, and even then my tastes/interests change. My timeline is an information garden I tend to, weeding, pruning, and planting.

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