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Keyboard purists: "Having a slightly smaller shift key on a laptop keyboard is a dealbreaker."

Also keyboard purists: "I remapped my caps lock to esc, and switched to modified dvorak in a week."

His lack of faith's disturbing me (and I)
I used the Force so he can't breathe (he can't breathe)
When he told you that I killed your dad, Obi Wan lied
I'm your father, join Dark Side.

Like the latest fashion,
Like a spreading disease,
Devs will login all the way to production,
Getting root shells with the greatest of ease.

Pentests staked out your whole network locale,
And if they pop your Jenkins then it's all over pal.
If one dev exploit gets a shell in Linux,
They're gonna bash it up, slash it up, hack it up, prod's not up.

Here comes libadwaita! Read about our plans to make GNOME apps and GTK 4 even better, and about the future of libhandy:

New ⁨⁩ hack: instead of buying drinking water for trips, using a Lifestraw Flex to filter water from van's fresh water tank into a gallon bottle. Tank is probably fine to drink, but this gives me extra peace of mind, and a way to get drinking water in an emergency too.

After 18 years with the Free Software Foundation, I've decided to resign my position as executive director, effective at the end of a transition period. We'll be sharing further details, including information about that transition, and a few more words, in the coming days. It's been a humbling honor to serve this institution, and to work alongside the FSF's staff, members, and volunteers over the years. The current staff deserve your full confidence and support -- they certainly have mine.

Testing out a generic 360 degree-style laptop dock, which seems to work pretty well with the Librem 5 out of the box!

When my dad passed away I forwarded his mail to my address so I could settle his affairs. Two years later and I still get mail marketing addressed to him every week (today it was literally for life insurance). Even death isn't enough to stop advertisers.


aka mode works fine on both for light tasks. But what is "light"? This is where they differ.

(left) smoothly plays two videos simultaneously (one of which is 60 fps), whereas is struggling with single 30 fps video.

Why? Librem 5 has 30% faster CPU clock speed, 140% faster RAM standard, roughly double the GPU performance. More details:

Librem 14 Security Features

"The Librem 14 was designed based on a long wishlist we made to build our dream laptop. When we first announced the Librem 14 we stuck to the features we knew for sure would be part of the first revision."

So I spent the last few hours on taking pictures of cats with the rear camera of my Librem 5. Yep, that's my job now.

All credit for the camera support goes to Dorota, Martin and Angus: @merge @purism

Oh you know, just printing from my Librem 5 phone to a printer it automatically detected and configured over the local network. No big deal...

When you share a Linux Journal article you wrote to help someone, and realize it's 12 years old...

We just watched a documentary about art forgery with my 8-year-old son, and now my wife is explaining extradition treaties as she tucks him in. ⁨

And from the Vice article that broke the story: "Among the thousands of other data points, vehicle location data is transmitted on a constant and near real time basis while the vehicle is operating."

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"Ulysses claims it can currently access more than 15 billion vehicle locations around the world every month, and it estimates that, by 2025, 100 percent of new cars will be connected and transmitting gigabytes of collectible data per hour."

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray my pager does not beep
If servers crash before I wake
I pray it will not escalate

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