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Apparently there is an even larger orange that isn't ripe yet. I will follow up later with pictures when we pick that one.

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The first picture doesn't really capture the scale of this orange, but how about the fact that it can wear an N95 mask.

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We just picked a massive navel orange from our tree today. Normal-sized meyer lemon and quarter for scale.

Oh also I forgot to mention what opensnitch was. It's similar to Little Snitch on Macs, but for Linux. It tracks outgoing network connections and throws up prompts so you can allow/deny them.

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The recent opensnitch packages seem to run well and fit on the Librem 5! Good use of scroll bars and other UI elements.

Old and Busted: "If you aren't paying for something, you are the product."

New Hotness: "You are the product."

Check out my post about companies across industries who double dip by collecting and selling data on their paying customers. ⁨

App Showcase: Tootle

"Social media can be a great way to engage with friends and family. But most of the popular services and apps track their users."

The year is 2060. A bored teenager sits quietly while grandpa shows off his vast cryptocurrency and NFT collection. Grandpa proudly gives him a dogecoin. "Hold on to this! It will be valuable one day..." "Sure thing grandpa..."

phosh running inside a container under phosh, plus phosh's source code in Qt Creator - all on the Librem 5. Perfect for when you want to work on the phone on the phone :D

3. I work from home, but if I commuted (and the Librem 5 could replace my work laptop) I wouldn't need to commute w/ a laptop *or* a dock. Hubs and laptop docks are cheap enough I could leave one at home and one at work. Any work in transit I could handle directly from the phone.

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2. Keeping a laptop w/ you at all times when traveling is a pain. It's easy to keep a phone w/ you. When I travel again, I can safely leave my laptop dock behind in a hotel room. If someone steals it while it's unattended I'm also out much less money than with a laptop.

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1. Having not just all your data with you on a single device, but having *running apps* using that data that can migrate to and from larger screens. Often I dock so I can expand an app I'm already using right then to the larger screen. Handy for multi-tab web research and email.

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Some people ask me what the advantage is to using a Librem 5 + laptop dock instead of just carrying a laptop around. After all, the dock is a similar same size and weight to a laptop. I discussed some advantages in my recent article, but here are a few others:

Maybe it's because I recently read Mrs. Dalloway and by comparison Woolf handled the same approach (stream of consciousness inside various characters' minds during a single day) masterfully. By comparison Ulysses is a self-indulgent slog in need of an editor.

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I gave Ulysses a chance but after 170 pages I still really don't like it so I'm moving on. I now understand the quote (attributed by many to Dorothy Parker): "This is not a book to be lightly thrown aside. It should be thrown with great force."

@todd @kyle next time people ask why the L5 is more expensive than other Linux phones I will point to this toot. (Besides beefier hardware) Thanks for contributing to the *real* open ecosystem!

@kyle "If you can't fix it, you don't own it!." I applaud Purism for posting this. Moar companies need to do stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!


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