"Spinoza didn't have a fridge / Joan of Arc didn't have a fridge / and me and Greg don't have a fridge" --Anselm Berrigan, "The position of the planets on the human forehead"

Last day to get your FOSSY submissions in! Due in 10 hours from now, you can submit after making an account on the FOSSY site: https://2024.fossy.us/call-for-proposals/

Lol Neil Gaiman says

"ChatGPT doesn't give you information. It gives you information-shaped sentences."

This is one of the better ones I have seen.

In case thou were't wondering how the paper wrap on the bottom of an Impossible burger fries up, the answer is beautifully golden brown.

Reminder that we extended the CFP for FOSSY to give folks the weekend. You've got until Tuesday the 18th to get your talks in: https://2024.fossy.us/call-for-proposals/

Any good podcasts out there? Where people discuss poetry. Less interested in people reading poems in entirety.

Just lost another hour of my life to leading zeroes in spreadsheet cells, combined with the find and replace interface in Calc that I just can't seem to wrap my head around. I still don't know why Calc was mysteriously inserting a space in front of every '0, or what I did to convince it to stop.

Exciting news! @conservancy has selected #Apereo to lead the "FOSS in Education" track at #FOSSY, Aug 1-4 at @Portland_State University. Join us to discuss the role of #OSS in #edtech, #OpenScience!
#OpenSource #HigherEd

You can have it done slowly, poorly, or with attitude. Choose 3.

Finished The Rupture Tense by Jenny Xie. Starting Zero Star Hotel by Anselm Berrigan, which I think I probably absorbed some of when it came out in 2002 given proximity to him then, but record keeping is sketchy.

"Final Cut Pro for iPad gets support for external drives" do you not hear yourselves?

It seems to have happened without much fanfare, but about a month ago @purism has released the Librem 5 hardware layouts under GPLv3 (as original PADS and converted KiCad projects), joining the schematics that were already available from the start.


Jenny Xie, "The Rupture Tense", p47, first time I've ever seen "VPN" used in .

A new @fdroidorg board of directors has been appointed, steering the governance of this great community which is so crucial for user freedoms!

My term as part of the founding board has ended, as planned, to make room for new blood. All the best for the new board members Juliana Sima, Peter Serwylo and Sebastian Crane (who serves as Chair), as well as the continuing directors @mlemweb, Andrew Lewman, @kirschner, @johns, @downey, and #fdroid's technical lead @eighthave!


How do I disable all web page animated/video backgrounds forever and ever? In Firefox preferably.

Here's a complete list of people on the Department of Homeland Security's new AI safety board: federalnewsnetwork.com/artific

CEO of Delta? Sure, why not. Sadly don't see anywhere near enough representation for free software / open source, or social interest organizations in general.

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