Big news: Geoffrey Knauth has been elected president of the FSF, and Odile Bénassy has joined the board of directors! Congratulations to Geoff, and welcome to Odile!

When did we start calling the most direct way to load something on a device "side"loading?

The SeaGL cfp is open! SeaGL welcomes new speakers! This year it wants tech talks, culture talks, performance art and FLOSS topics

Talks are 20 minutes with 10 min for Q&A

#SeaGL again holds office hours if you'd like some help or encouragement for your talk proposals, every Wednesday at noon Pacific between July 22 and August 19

cfp closes August 19th

SeaGL is November 13th - 14th

#cfp #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #OfficeHours #FLOX #Seattle #PacificNorthwest

By the time DRM-enabled monopolies are investigated as monopolies, years of freedom & positive innovation have already been lost. Eliminate the state-sponsored subsidy of DRM locking users to one App Store and stop this from happening in the first place.

We're hiring a #postdoc to work with @swheritage, @Inria and @MSFTResearch on large-scale #reproducibility in software engineering.
Full details and application instructions at:

It's easy to forget, amidst all the threats to our software freedom, that ours is an inherently positive story, celebrating creativity and skill. Check out this beautiful comic by Sacha Chua @sachac, read more, and share with #userfreedom:

@purism How do I report a bug with a service? Looks to be a server-side Matrix issue.Cc: @kyle

I want to expand a coalition of people around one set of issues, who have conflicting positions on other issues. To be successful at this, I believe listening in good faith to existing or potential coalition members expressing feelings/concerns is vital. I want to be better at it.

Is this the part of the play where we make a bunch of noise until customers get reimbursed for the books they lost access to? getting pretty tired of this

A clear example of "defective by design": (yes, DRM does make your computer do other things more slowly, how could it not?)

CAREER CHANGE??? I changed my life by learning to build Drupal websites. It was a dooorway to freedom and learning more.

Starting on July 7th!!! Agaric offers FREE trainings on Drupal 9 site building.

This speaks to me: -- fave quote: "So writers that were published in the Paris Review could also be published on a trash bag. But if you’re a nobody writer you couldn’t even make it to a fast food bag."

FSF's Licensing and Compliance Lab volunteers meet every week around this time on IRC. If you'd like to join the team producing and sharing info on free software licensing best practices, drop an email about your interest to (You don't have to be a lawyer.)

"This years theme is Your IP: A power tool for building success"

If I told you this event is called Invention-Con, would you believe me?

"You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" utilizing Zoom Marks without Zoom's express written consent." <meta name="description" content="rubbish">

"You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any Zoom Marks, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of Zoom without express written consent" -- are they talking about picture framing?

Have you checked out our new member benefit yet? We have launched a free (as in freedom) videoconferencing service using Jitsi Meet: Join the FSF as an associate member today:

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