Starting "Hello, the Roses" by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

"Four year old girl" was very influential on me during my MFA program, but inexplicably haven't read anything by her since, until now.

Apparently marijuana is in fact not a gateway drug:

also sounds like these dogs need a union to guarantee cross-training opportunities when their jobs are made obsolete

Difficult for a job ad to have a red flag in every sentence, but not impossible apparently.

Finished "Midwood" by Jana Prikryl, for the second time. Good , especially the namesake series within, but I think "The After Party" by her was even gooder.

I wasn't sure I was going to be up for baking bread with my work schedule this week, but I feel suddenly motivated -- King me.

The funniest thing to me about this case is the suggestion that Cox customers had any meaningful choice as to who their ISP was at all:

Cox's defense should absolutely be "our customers didn't choose us because we were soft on copyright infringement -- our customers didn't choose us at all!"

Are you looking for your first Free Software/IT job? Apply to our Coding Experience (CE) program! All CE positions are paid, remote-friendly, and cover 450 hours of mentored hands-on work. People from groups underrepresented in technology are especially invited to apply. Learn more:

(but also remember that Google has always refused to support efforts to actually abolish all software patents / make ideas implemented in software nonpatentable)

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I guess I wasn't the only one to not know about this Google project to publish prior art, TDCommons:

Signal still requires phone number to get started, but supporting usernames as identifiers after that -- a significant improvement.

@fosdem #FOSDEM hack. We couldn't refill the hand towel dispensers in the toilets. So the #FreeCAD people designed a key for us, #Prusa people @3dprinting #3dprinting it for us, and the cleaning staff could refill everyone's hand towels.

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Attention users and potential future users, check out some recent posts on the GitHub project. I’m looking for your feedback (yes, you).

#freeculture #music #opensource

This is very sad news to me: -- I worked just a couple blocks away from there for many years, and after that, visited every time I was back in . A institution. I had hoped the change in ownership meant that it would be there for a while yet.

'They remind me of Kafka's injunction, in his diaries, to "use the attacker's horse for one's own ride."'
(Dwight Garner)

'And that the moves erode “the fundamental rights of users by giving the ability to review apps downloaded outside the App Store.”'

This evening i will be showing a group of students some of my favorite command-line tricks. Does anyone have any favorites that you think need to be in a "greatest hits"?
#shell #unix #linux #commandLine

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