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Today I'm restoring a Swedish Facit mechanical pinwheel calculator from the late 1930s/early 1940s white labeled by R. C. Allen. At the moment number entry doesn't work, so this could get interesting.

I have to pause on my rug project until more yarn comes in (hopefully next week). I'm pretty bummed at not being able to weave in the mean time.

Canon can't get enough toner chips, so it's telling customers how to defeat its DRM.

The interesting thing about Moxie stepping down from Signal is that many in infosec trust Signal less because of the protocol and more because they trust Moxie. How much of that trust will transfer to the project/new CEO?

Today I'm cleaning and refurbishing a 1906 Brunsviga mechanical calculator. It's the oldest calculator in my collection and the first with a pinwheel mechanism.

I got some positive feedback about my articles from a stranger and it surprised me just how much it meant. I've made more of an effort recently to tell people when I appreciate their work because of how rare (but meaningful) positive feedback is.

Got to play (as in only tested, and did none of the work), with a couple merge requests in to improve VPN support in
Top bar shows a VPN padlock symbol, and the openvpn connection worked. In this case using Librem One. And Duckduckgo thinks I am in the US.
One note: this was only for adding better support for VPN in , the VPN settings panels in Control Center still need to be made adaptive. But again: “hey it is progress”. Kudos to @agx for this work!

In 2021 we saw more anti-interdiction orders for our Librem 14 laptops and Librem phones than ever before. Learn how we tailor our products for each customer to add multiple levels of tamper detection to an order🔒

Final ant update (I hope): the ant is gone! It must have found a way out of the monitor over the weekend.

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I got a free floor loom today! This is a four harness loom made by the Towle company in the 1950s or `60s. Used floor looms are like upright pianos in that they are either very expensive or very cheap/free. This one came with a bench, warping board, and a box full of accessories!

If you have a tech career, retooling is especially important. I've made 4 major career pivots so far (dev->sysadmin->security->executive) and while each was a planned and smooth transition, each required a combination of mentoring/on-the-job training and self-study.

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I'm encouraged to see the growth of trade schools, not just for young adults who wouldn't be served well by a 4-year degree, but also for older adults who must retool because fewer modern career paths last someone their whole life.

I wrote about our unique set of high security features for the Librem 14 such as anti-interdiction, Qubes, hardware kill switches, and PureBoot. What other security features would you like to see us add to this in the future?

Ant Update 2: Some time overnight, the ant moved again and is facing up toward 12 o'clock. It must still be alive.

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Making slow but steady progress on the rug. I'm about a quarter of the way through.

Bug report: I went to brush this ant off of my monitor and discovered it was *inside* the screen. It is now permanently in my field of view unless I take my monitor apart.

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