Today I'm cleaning and refurbishing a 1906 Brunsviga mechanical calculator. It's the oldest calculator in my collection and the first with a pinwheel mechanism.


Here's what over a hundred and fifteen years of dust looks like.

Amazing result!
What did you use for cleaning?
I'd like to clean my Brunsviga as well but I'm afraid of using the wrong products...

@remulus Thank you! I've gotten a lot of tips from typewriter restoration blogs/forums. I use dish soap + water w/ cotton swabs, cotton balls, or paper towels for general-purpose cleaning. I use cotton swabs for hard-to-reach, and delicate parts (like the numbers on the registers). I use cotton swabs + isopropyl alcohol for unpainted metallic parts (basically anything you'd oil or grease). I use 0000 steel wool for rust, cotton swabs + sewing machine oil for the painted exterior.

@remulus The best tip I got from typewriter restoration forums is that last one. Sewing machine oil + cotton balls or cotton swabs is a nice, gentle (but really effective!) way to clean dirt from enameled surfaces safetly. Just use a small amount of oil and clean with cotton balls/swabs until no more dirt comes up, then gently clean any excess oil on the surface.

Thanks a lot for the tips Kyle, I'll give it a try ASAP

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