Canon can't get enough toner chips, so it's telling customers how to defeat its DRM.

@kyle I think that we’ve entered in to some twisted alternative universe. I was looking at photo printers last night, and EPSON fer chrissakes is offering refillable options and even reasonably-priced dye-sub options.

@sawwavemedia @kyle I think they just realize ink tank printers are going to phase out old cartridge photoprinters for good, so they 're just killing them softly

@ruff @kyle

Finally. I still remember the days, though, where anything like continuous flow or refillable voided the warranty and actual Epson ink made saffron look cheap.

It is nice to see corporations finally admitting defeat, though.

@kyle Also to add on a Pluto topic - wasn't it the main driver behind Valve pushing towards SteamOS/SteamBox? Microsoft already announced it once, there was major backlash, now they heat the water slowly ultimately targeting the same end result - boiled kagouti.

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