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For Christmas I received a Comptometer badge. These achievement badges were originally awarded to Comptometer operators who performed exceptionally well during their Comptometer adding machine training (Comptometer-specific vocational schools like software boot camps today).

I find carrying a pen and notebook incredibly handy and I've had Field Notes-style graph notebooks in my back pocket for years. For 2022 I'm trying out a Moleskine Weekly journal instead, to see if I like making short (1 sentence) semi-daily entries in addition to regular notes.

@kyle From the article, "His only option would be to replace the entire battery, which would cost more than $22,600, and he would have to ask Tesla permission to carry out the repair."

So, not only does he have to spend that much to fix it, but he can't even do the repair without permission.

The first wave of EVs are old enough their batteries are starting to fail. People tend to repair old ICE cars, but at a $22k price tag to replace batteries that will inevitably fail, it seems like older EVs will be thrown away instead of repaired.

This kind of weaving is pretty slow going. A complete 1 1/8" colored row (like that light brown section near the top) takes me about 1.5 hours to weave.

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I'm making progress on my krokbragd rug. Last night I completed a single run of the color pattern, so from here on it's just a matter of repeating it until I get a 36 inch rug.

Avoiding this damage was a big reason I replaced my smart watch with an analog one and it took me many weeks to retrain my brain to stop looking at my analog watch for notifications that weren't there.

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Years of on call duty meant I was hyper-attentive for phone notifications for so long, it messed w/ my brain (phantom alerts, hearing ringtone still increases heart rate). Much of society is now on call, subject to phone notifications and I worry about the damage it's doing.

If you want to be always up to date about what's cooking for the next release (besides what's already merged to the main branch) check out phosh-next: - it gets all the merge-requests that are waiting for more review, some minor cleanups, etc. The current list of MRs is in the commit message and `debian/changelog`.

Please don't ship that in distributions but additional review, feedback and testing is certainly very welcome.

I got a new adding machine for free this weekend! This is a Star Adding Machine made by the Todd Protectograph Company between 1924 and 1926. It needs to be cleaned and oiled, but otherwise is in pretty decent shape for something almost 100 years old.

I'm skeptical, not at the power efficiency claims, but that the result will be cellphones that last longer. They are designed to last a day or two. Everyone will just shrink batteries and increase workloads until cellphones last as long as they do now.

I've discovered that wearing my vintage green Senate hoodie in public is a great way to meet local old-school rollerbladers in my area.

Thought experiment: what would a car maker need to be able to do to your car remotely, before you no longer felt that you owned it?

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I'm so glad my vehicles are in good shape, and from before this era of always-on networks and remote control. If I needed a car, I wouldn't buy a new one.

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Every car maker is looking for ways to turn a one-time car purchase into a subscription, because technology now grants them remote control of your car. I wrote more about this phenomenon here:

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New Toyota car owners will need to pay a $8/mo so their key fob can remote-start their car. Cars before 2018 are excluded, because their internal 3G networks are about to go offline, disabling Toyota's remote control.

This scarf took me about a day to make. I tied on the warp yesterday evening before dinner, worked on it for a few hours yesterday night, a few more this morning, and then another hour or two this afternoon to finish it off.

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@purism great news! The #librem5 VoLTE works great on T-Mobile USA!

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