The first wave of EVs are old enough their batteries are starting to fail. People tend to repair old ICE cars, but at a $22k price tag to replace batteries that will inevitably fail, it seems like older EVs will be thrown away instead of repaired.

@kyle surely many people replace the batteries to maybe let musk know to correct this despite his economic gains in allowing this. He has done crazy shit for the betterment before.

@kyle I've seen Youtube videos of people doing more modular maintenance of those batteries; the car vendors don't necessarily like it though

@kyle FWIW, from the post-excitement footage, I strongly suspect the battery was not on the vehicle when it made its final voyage.

@kyle it’s not just the vehicles. There is a lot of waste in general.

@kyle I was always a fan of Tesla as they were the first mover and made cool cars. But they have gone down the path of Apple and now I want to get another electronic car maker that'll care for their customers.

@kyle From the article, "His only option would be to replace the entire battery, which would cost more than $22,600, and he would have to ask Tesla permission to carry out the repair."

So, not only does he have to spend that much to fix it, but he can't even do the repair without permission.

@jlcrawf Yes, and if you do an unauthorized repair of a Tesla, you run the risk of Tesla remotely disabling Supercharging "for safety" (but really about control). The Rich Rebuilds Youtube channel had covered a lot of the issues around how Tesla is trying to redefine the traditional secondary repair market to lock people into dealerships for repairs, and making it hard for owners or unauthorized mechanics to get spare parts. Think Apple, but for cars.

@kyle @jlcrawf Apple but for cars and with, if one can even imagine, less QC.

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