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Tune in to our new episode 143! @katherined and @dsearls discuss an open letter to pause #AI development.
Visit the following link for full episode -

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Among the list of reasons modern cars are unappealing to me: in addition to uploading location data, they also sometimes have cameras that upload video to the vendor. In this case employees at Tesla found the juiciest videos and shared them internally:

The Linux kernel is mostly automatic these days -- but that doesn't mean we can't fiddle with it. :)

Chag Sameach, ya’ll! Champagne counts for the wine part, right? 😁🥂

The new Open at Intel podcast is out! We picked up the conversation from last week to take a deep dive into the project, a LibOS that eases the path to running applications in trusted execution environments like Intel SGX. Enjoy!

"Securing Applications with Gramine"

Hey, I’m about to be on FLOSS Weekly with @dsearls taking about VanillaOS. We’re live at right now!

Our new episode is out! @katherined @dsearls @kyle and @shawnp0wers talk about Shawn's head's appearance at the #SCaLE conference, #3Dprinting, and more, while having way too much fun.
Click link for full episode -

#Technology #Privacy #Podcast

I've published a full write-up of the inspiration, design, assembly, and installation of my @hackaday inspired knitting clock: Tempus Nectit!

I had to learn quite a few new skills to complete this project from controlling stepper motors with electronics to 3D modeling. I tried to document everything I could so that someone else could follow step-by-step and make one of their own.

What is confidential computing? I talked to Dan Middleton and Dave Thaler recently on the Open at Intel to take a deep dive into technologies and their work with the Confidential Computing Consortium, a The Linux Foundation project.

I believe these data protection technologies will be critical to building the more secure world we want going forward.

"Security at Every Step: Why Software Supply Chains Are Critical" Read an excerpt from the Open at Intel podcast covering supply chain security and the project:

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I really miss writing a column for Linux Journal and would like an outlet for this pent-up writing energy that compensates me for my time. I have many book ideas that topically fall outside the risks tech publishers are willing to take.

For instance, I have a lot of still-relevant LJ articles that I have already curated into a book w/ topical chapters.

Is Amazon really the only game in town for self-publishing w/ print on demand and good distribution? I'd rather avoid self-hosting a store.

Hey wanna talk about podcasting, be on one of my podcasts, or get a neato sticker? Find me. I’m the one with @shawnp0wers ‘s !

Last day of #scale20x - otherwise known as the “day of all the caffeine”.

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