Among the list of reasons modern cars are unappealing to me: in addition to uploading location data, they also sometimes have cameras that upload video to the vendor. In this case employees at Tesla found the juiciest videos and shared them internally:

@kyle Sigh; you'd think the big companies would be the ones which set serious controls around data like this.

@kyle tesla aren't exactly representative of car companies 🤣

@ljs It's true, most other car companies are aspiring to catch up to the smartphoneification of their cars, where Tesla still has quite a lead.

@kyle I was thinking more of the removal of safety features and promotion of snake oil fake-tech to pump the stock price.

The company like all Musk companies lacks respect for many laws let alone conventions re: privacy, the point is that other car companies wouldn't dream of behaving as they do...

Most people who talk about tesla having an incredible lead haven't kept up with the EV market...


Also, subscription model everything.

My car is a '16.
I want to keep it until '36 😅


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