I really miss writing a column for Linux Journal and would like an outlet for this pent-up writing energy that compensates me for my time. I have many book ideas that topically fall outside the risks tech publishers are willing to take.

For instance, I have a lot of still-relevant LJ articles that I have already curated into a book w/ topical chapters.

Is Amazon really the only game in town for self-publishing w/ print on demand and good distribution? I'd rather avoid self-hosting a store.

@a I'm basically ignorant of any options I may have here outside of Amazon and 100% self-hosted, so suggestions like this are very helpful! It's the main reason I posted, because I was hoping for feedback like this.

@kyle I guess No Starch Press is "publishing" not "self publishing" though, but otherwise maybe aligned in values.

@julian Yes I appreciate the work No Starch is doing and know quite a few people there, but some of things I want to write fall outside of projects traditional tech publishers can afford to take a risk on.

@kyle Dude, you have name recognition and talent in your favor. Hit up more publishers. Self-publishers are usually a give away. You don't need a give away -- yourtalent, knowledge, etc. is known in the community. You need to get that knowledge published!

@apples_and_pears I appreciate the vote of confidence!

I don't intend on giving anything away, I'll be selling anything I publish for what I hope is a fair price. I just think most of what I'm interested in publishing right now would not necessarily interest the No Starches and Addison Wesleys of the world.

Since I've already published plenty of books with traditional publishers I don't feel like I have anything to prove in that respect. I'd rather have the freedom to pursue my interests.

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