I really miss writing a column for Linux Journal and would like an outlet for this pent-up writing energy that compensates me for my time. I have many book ideas that topically fall outside the risks tech publishers are willing to take.

For instance, I have a lot of still-relevant LJ articles that I have already curated into a book w/ topical chapters.

Is Amazon really the only game in town for self-publishing w/ print on demand and good distribution? I'd rather avoid self-hosting a store.

@a I'm basically ignorant of any options I may have here outside of Amazon and 100% self-hosted, so suggestions like this are very helpful! It's the main reason I posted, because I was hoping for feedback like this.

@kyle I guess No Starch Press is "publishing" not "self publishing" though, but otherwise maybe aligned in values.

@julian Yes I appreciate the work No Starch is doing and know quite a few people there, but some of things I want to write fall outside of projects traditional tech publishers can afford to take a risk on.

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