Last Saturday there was a dust cloud over Lisbon from the Sahara desert.

At least I got to test that the can work with mild desert dust clouds 😅

But it did took a bit longer than what I expected to get a fix.

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Well that map has been getting bigger :)

Ridding a bicycle in Lisbon is not as bad as it was 7 or 10 years ago. There is a bit of more bicycle lanes.
And more car drivers are used to having bicycles on the city's streets. And I still have not gotten into an argument with a car driver, in the last month.

But you still need a certain attitude of: "I am not getting off the street because a car driver is pissed at me", to ride a bike in Lisbon.

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Finally managed to get a new bicycle after moving back to so I started doing bike rides in the weekends again.

Riding a bike in Lisbon is a whole different beast, compared to where I lived before in Germany. With all the hills inside the city. Specially if you are out of shape :)

Also managed to record the bike ride with the gps, using traces. Also :)

Santos Populares 2023 :)

One of the many street fests on that night. Not everything on that night is about sardines:

recorded on

_almost_ 13 hours uptime without suspend enabled. Wifi and mobile data off. When suspend is ready to be a default, which is almost, it will only get better.

Trying out the + mastodon client, which is a fork of (the now archived)

It still does not have a release tag, so don't ship it yet :p
But it is looking good. Pretty much the features of tootle are already there, more seem to be in the works.

Setting up the account easier in tooth. And making a deb package for it is not difficult.

0.7.0-rc4 the multi protocol client (sms, matrix, xmpp) used with on multiple mobile devices, running on a desktop with multiple accounts and an account.

It's not exactly a "big deal" to run it on a desktop, since one of the ideas with is convergence, and being able to run the same software across devices (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc), to be able to do this sort of thing.

But it is still very cool to see :)

My t-shirts have arrived ❗ 😺

If you wanna make a contribution to an awesome project like postmarketOS and get some merch in the process, you can go here:

Decided to restart my old habit of doing a 10KM bike ride once a day. :)
Need a better bike cam and to refresh on my ffmpeg :D

Booting a image from an SD card on a . In this case .
Got to play again with some work in progress code made by developers. In this case a u-boot image that allows the to boot from the SD cacrd. It can boot from the SD directly, but the video first I booted the image in the eMMC and then rebooted and booted from the SD card. Credits to the devs and to @craftyguy for making the image for the SD card to test this :D

Got to play (as in only tested, and did none of the work), with a couple merge requests in to improve VPN support in
Top bar shows a VPN padlock symbol, and the openvpn connection worked. In this case using Librem One. And Duckduckgo thinks I am in the US.
One note: this was only for adding better support for VPN in , the VPN settings panels in Control Center still need to be made adaptive. But again: “hey it is progress”. Kudos to @agx for this work!

As cenas que um tipo encontra a ver fotos antigas :D
Isto foi em entre 2009 e 2011 com amigos.

EN: The stuff a person finds when looking at old pictures :D
This was in between 2009 and 2010, with friends.

Adaptive version of running on on the . This is still a work in progress, some issues still need to be solved before releasing this. But again; “hey it’s progress” :D.
Credits to @KekunPlazas fr his work on this.

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