Making a call from the app on the (and yes audio worked ;) ). This is still a development version of gnome-calls. And work still needs to be done to make it more user friendly and integrated with other components. But hey it is progress :D
Credits go out to: @devrtz that has been working to add on gnome-calls. Also the account on the phone is an account, shoutout to them as is an awesome service :D

Was also able to use the GPS to record the ride back home and convert the data to a *.gpx file to open in GNOME maps.

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running on a . Credits go to the devs who have been working on enabling the cameras on the

Weekend morning experience; checking out how well the version from @purism repos works on a

And, yes needs a few tweaks and install recommends, and it does not fit completely in the screen, but it works:

"desktop" client working on a batch.

Since the application is not adaptive, had to scale the screen to make it fit, and configure it.

"Continuous" transmission works better as you can just use the mute button then.

And yes, sound quality is quite good. But someone should work on a GTK adaptive mumble client :D

On the topic: things that make me smile about the phone

Running the command: `vrms` from a terminal and getting the following output:

Multiple GTK apps open in the same environment and all fitting nice in the screen.
Thank you

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