libcamera v0.3.0 has been released with new features, including the first version of SoftISP support for Qualcomm and (soon) the Intel IPU6.

The NXP i.MX8MP platform is now officially supported with its ISP.

Additionally, we have support for the new Arm Mali-C55 ISP with a dedicated pipeline handler, and MediaTek MT8365 in the simple pipeline handler.

New camera support includes Sony IMX283, IMX335, and IMX415.

See the release notes here:

Starlink is killing Hubble

Something about this plan to move Hubble, didn't make sense. If the telescope still has 10 years of useful life, why the need for SpaceX to boost it's orbit now?

Well it turns out the main thing threatening the utility of Hubble is... wait for it... SpaceX Starlink satellites, which orbit just above Hubble constantly "photo-bombing" the images. Within a few years there will be so many Starlinks that Hubble will be useless.

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#OtD 19 May 1933 Germany's Nazi government abolished collective bargaining – the principle of workers collectively negotiating with employers over pay and conditions. Instead, conditions were to be regulated by labour "trustees", appointed by Hitler

Do I know anyone here who daily drives #LinuxMobile / #postmarketOS on their main/only phone and would be willing to share their experience?

Yes, there really *was* an 'anti-booing system' at #Eurovsion - this is *not' a conspiracy theory - and it was used during the #Israel performance. And the #Portugal performer had nail-art in support of #Palestine which the EBU tried to hide. "Portugal’s broadcaster accuses #EBU of #discrimination for not posting iolanda’s performance over Palestinian-inspired nail art

"Nicolau Santos from #RTP also commented on the anti-booing system and the fake applause used by the EBU during Israel’s performance, stating:

“For an organization like the EBU, and for an organization like RTP and the European public media service whose flag is the fight against fake news, misinformation, and information manipulation, it is unacceptable that this is possible. Using this method distorts reality.”

the full story is here -

#Eurovision2024 #Misinformation #Disinformation #FakeNews #Gaza #Europe #EU

@dos /me stets an alarm for some time in the future :)

It seems to have happened without much fanfare, but about a month ago @purism has released the Librem 5 hardware layouts under GPLv3 (as original PADS and converted KiCad projects), joining the schematics that were already available from the start.

We just released the last stable version: GIMP 2.10.38. It features very cool improvement for graphics tablet 🖵🖌 support on Windows! 🥳

@arunmani recently added folder support to #phosh 🚀 . Here's a short demo:

Just want to quickly share with #linuxmobile folks that the new #libcamera softwareISP does indeed work with the #librem5 - and with a #PipeWire + #GStreamer pipeline. Here's a first image with Warp (from Flathub) running.

There's still some stuff to iron out to make this work reliably and ship to users - but things are falling into place.

📷 O Capitão Salgueiro Maia parte, com as forças da EPC, do Terreiro do Paço em direcção ao Quartel do Carmo #25a74

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