The first bits of emergency call support landed in calls 44 so that Thomas's emergency call work ( can hopefully land soon.

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Tootle was archived. Tooth was a fork of it after it was archived, and now it was renamed to tuba.


I met someone else on campus who has a #librem5

I think this qualifies for the highest concentration of L5's/campus.


When consequences of a software bug solved a year ago still affect you.

And those consequences expose a another software bug in another part of the stack.


@williamtries in this section:

"Updating BroadMobi Modem" To update the modem, it is not necessary to have a more recent u-boot version.

a more recent u-boot version. As in from 2022 onward helps with the feature to enable suspend on the device.
The most recent modem firmware version also improves the process to wake up from suspend when a call is inbound.

@williamtries had a second look at this article. And, again: it is quite good.

Some extra nitpicks;

- Tooth is not packaged for debian yet, because the upstream prefers that packaging only happens after the first official release.
But you can get it from here:

And build the deb package, that way you have a deb package that with dependencies resolved and that you can cleanly remove.

@linmob of course, but if you got one in the last couple of years you should not need it.



As for gpodder...

Tell me one app that can:

- listen podcasts AND watch videos of channels you follow (youtube, peertube, etc). All your audiovisual subscriptions in one place.

- And that can sync your subscriptions list across multiple devices

- And that it is not only in flatpak package format

and I will check it ;)

Sure gpodder may be GTk3 and ugly, but it is a very complete tool for different use cases that do do stuff that many other apps cannot.



nitpicking your nitpick:
the firmware update for the SD card was no help enabling it to work with open PGP cards, for a long time that is now enabled by default, so new users don't need to do that to have the openPGP card work.


The patriarchy is the reason you know the names Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk, but you've never even once heard the name Evelyn Berezin.

"This is a very positive signal overall. The tide is turning for interoperable social media, and that's always been the goal."

- Instance admins, upon seeing a giant wooden horse that Meta has wheeled up to Fedi's gates

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"Yeah I'm pretty sure that all my users want me to gift-wrap their data and give it to Meta"

- Instance admins who aren't going to instantly block Meta

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"I refuse to learn anything from what happened to Google Reader"

- Everyone who's excited about Meta joining Fedi

@devrtz it's a learning process.

Not everyone masters on day one the process of being drunk without being annoying to others.

Problem is what to do with those that never master that art.

@kop316 thanks for your hard work!

mmsd is one of the most used apps on my phone... even though the technology is soooo 1990s, it's still one of the primary ways I have to keep in touch with some family / friends. Without your work on this, it would have been a lot harder (maybe even impossible...) for me to daily drive a Linux phone for the last 2+ years.

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