@brunomiguel Taken from a Librem 5? No not really. Strangely never take many pictures when I am in Tuguistão

Are you dreaming about a #bike computer that shows where on the trail you are?

I stopped dreaming.

Because I made one!

Trail display is a demo for #Jazda I tested today while making code easier for newcomers.


The triangle on the display is about 10km around a pretty mountain lake surrounded by quaint little towns.

#cycling #cyclocomputer

@dcz do other people use at that moment and depend on the software you are developing?

That can also influence, IMHO

#Nitter is an AGPLv3 licensed #Twitter frontend with all the features of the default site -- but more importantly -- it returns all of the freedom that Twitter's nonfree JavaScript takes away from you. Try it out! nitter.net

This is NEXT WEEK! I am giving a data privacy workshop on Friday at 10:30am, and I'd love to see you. Tickets are nearly sold out, but as long as they are available, use WITTSPEAKER15 for a 15% discount to save 15% on passes at checkout. women-in-tech-texas.com/

@douginamug I remember the time at LIDL when I put a pack of cigarettes in my pocket and almost forgot to pay for it.
But I remembered in time, and paid for it. If I had not remembered it and put it in from of the cashier he would have not noticed.

The cashier was pissed and saying: "If you had gone out the door without paying it would have theft!"

First longer ride with #jazda. Impressions:
- I need to show battery level. I don't know if it was fully charged
- it survived the entire ride
- it shut off after I got back, after almost 5 hours with GPS on
- when the wind is blowing, I'm going way slower than I thought :S

#bike #cycling #floss #cyclocomputer


I am assuming the opposite but: does your crawler also include other Activitypub based services like: peertube, pleroma, misskey, plume, etc ?


I want to be able to use my #PinePhone with #Mobian as a daily driver, and one app that I was missing from my Android was a shopping list.
I didn't find one, so I started making one with #GTK4 and #libAdwaita in #Vala.
I'm new to all these technologies but I'm having fun learning. If anyone is interested, here's the source:
It's work in progress and doesn't do much yet.

### 2022.05.10 - #32 Summary
- Upgraded Cryptpad to version 4.14.1
- Upgraded PrivateBin to version 1.4.0
- Upgraded Gitea to version 1.16.6
- Upgraded Nextcloud to version 22.2.7
- Upgraded several Nextlcoud apps:
- spreed 12.2.5
- checksum 1.1.4
- apporder 0.15.0
- qownnotesapi 22.5.0
- socialsharing_email 2.5.0
- calendar 3.3.0
- appointments 1.12.3
- bookmarks 10.3.1

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Maintenance window - #32

Today (10.05.2022) starting from 21:00 CET we are going to do some maintenance work on disroot. As result there will be short downtimes of following services:

🗑️ PrivateBin (bin.disroot.org)
🍵 Gitea (git.disroot.org)
🗒️ Cryptpad (pad.disroot.org)
🚂 Pleroma (fe.disroot.org)
🌨️ Cloud (cloud.disroot.org)

Here is our experience creating a plug-and-play camera support on phones. Read the full post by Dorota Czaplejewicz


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