Finally managed to get a new bicycle after moving back to so I started doing bike rides in the weekends again.

Riding a bike in Lisbon is a whole different beast, compared to where I lived before in Germany. With all the hills inside the city. Specially if you are out of shape :)

Also managed to record the bike ride with the gps, using traces. Also :)

Well that map has been getting bigger :)

Ridding a bicycle in Lisbon is not as bad as it was 7 or 10 years ago. There is a bit of more bicycle lanes.
And more car drivers are used to having bicycles on the city's streets. And I still have not gotten into an argument with a car driver, in the last month.

But you still need a certain attitude of: "I am not getting off the street because a car driver is pissed at me", to ride a bike in Lisbon.

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Last Saturday there was a dust cloud over Lisbon from the Sahara desert.

At least I got to test that the can work with mild desert dust clouds 😅

But it did took a bit longer than what I expected to get a fix.

@joao I wonder if the Librem5 / PopOS are only using GPS satellites for a location fix? This is more accurate but slower. Elsewhere, typically a fix is gotten from WiFi and Cell Tower maps first, and then honed to a more precise location after a satellite link is made.

#Librem5 #GPS #MobileLinux #PopOS

@Blort you have:

GPS -> gnss-share -> geoclue -> phosh -> Any maps application.

Geoclue can also get data from other sources.

In this case satellite-gtk only looks at gnss-share.

There are ways to get a faster gps lock. like this:

To generate to generate fresh almanac and ephemeris data for GPS.

And there is this, but I have never tried it:

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