Trying out the + mastodon client, which is a fork of (the now archived)

It still does not have a release tag, so don't ship it yet :p
But it is looking good. Pretty much the features of tootle are already there, more seem to be in the works.

Setting up the account easier in tooth. And making a deb package for it is not difficult.

@primalmotion After testing the scrolling for 5 min, I would say; yes.

@joao how did you build it? Trying on the L5, but Debian being Debian, everything is outdated

@primalmotion It does not have a release tag, I want to respect the: Do not ship work in progress principle.

@joao needless to say, building it on Arch was a breeze :)

@primalmotion making a quick deb package of it was also quite easy :)

@joao it seems the screenshot did not get uploaded. trying again

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