Booting a image from an SD card on a . In this case .
Got to play again with some work in progress code made by developers. In this case a u-boot image that allows the to boot from the SD cacrd. It can boot from the SD directly, but the video first I booted the image in the eMMC and then rebooted and booted from the SD card. Credits to the devs and to @craftyguy for making the image for the SD card to test this :D

Forgot to mention, to select booting from the eMMC or the SD card you don't need to remove or insert the SD card. You just need to press the correct key combo on boot.

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Where can I find that image to try out?

@kop316 Both the image @craftyguy made and the `u-boot` image in question can be found in the backlog of the matrix room :D

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