0.7.0-rc4 the multi protocol client (sms, matrix, xmpp) used with on multiple mobile devices, running on a desktop with multiple accounts and an account.

It's not exactly a "big deal" to run it on a desktop, since one of the ideas with is convergence, and being able to run the same software across devices (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc), to be able to do this sort of thing.

But it is still very cool to see :)

@joao did you compile it on your laptop? i have an intel computer so the arm64 chatty deb install wont work.

@goatwildernesscollective chatty is available in the debian repositories, and Debian testing should have the latest version, So you can install from there

That's really cool 😃
Is it possible to do e2ee with matrix and xmpp?

@JuleLe e2ee with xmpp in chatty is still quite wonky, but with matrix now it works reasonably well

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