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Very excited about our new stable release;

More to come - we're building a rolling release as well.

Investing in Real Convergence

"Real convergence means bringing your desktop computer with you wherever you go."

Learn more about the Librem 5:

Recommended read: "Car Companies Want to Monitor Your Every Move With Emotion-Detecting AI"

> “Very soon, Cerence announced, it plans to deepen that data mining operation with in-cabin cameras linked to emotion-detecting AI—algorithms that monitor minute changes in facial expression in order to determine a person’s emotional state at any given...


Customers are asking us about the recent GRUB2 vulnerability so I wrote a quick post explaining how it works and why @purism hardware isn't affected. For even more details, check out Dan Goodin's excellent Ars Technica article I link in my post.

A new secure messenger service called Session is now out. It's a fork of Signal but decentralized and without the phone number requirement. Worth taking a look.

We're hiring!

Are you a software engineer who cares deeply about CI/CD, code review, and development environments? Apply to work with the Release Engineering team (a part of our Engineering Productivity team) at the Wikimedia Foundation!

#remote #jobs #remotejobs #hiring #opensource #freesoftware #wikipedia #wikimedia

Announcing the Second Annual Copyleft Conference, co-located with #FOSDEM20 this coming February. And our CFP is open today!

If you're coming to FOSDEM or CopyleftConf and want t-shirts or anything from, order with code FOSDEM20 before Wednesday noon Brussels time to get in-person delivery without shipping charges :)

The Purism team is expanding. We're looking for a talented Growth Marketer and a Web Designer with a passion for open source, open hardware, privacy and security

Calling all Faifcast fans! Our Executive Director @o0karen0o and Distinguished Technologist Bkuhn are going to be doing a LIVE podcast this weekend at SeaGL. If you can get to Seattle, you'll get to see the magic in person.

The embedded, automotive, and mobile track is back at FOSDEM this year! Here's the relevant info:

We are interested in the future of Copyleft and that means we are very interested in hearing from new folks at #CopyleftConf in February. Let us know if we can help you feel more comfortable submitting your proposal. (

What's interesting with these two gentlemen (Richard and Sam) is that they represent and are important cat herders for Debian and Fedora - two key Free Software distros.

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Next up is Sam Hartman, Debian Project Leader, and Richard Fontana, Lawyer Red Hat.

The tools for advertising have become the tools for sort us as voters. Are we willing to give up our rights for an election algorithm?

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