This is in it's infancy but here's the first bits of for using a c-node:

Bitfields (flags) and Enums are now parsed directly out of the gir XML into headers so they can be used in :

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@agx Erlang is rare on the fediverse, and from a Purism person no less!
@agx neat. What would you say the rationale would be for that? Pre-emptive execution sounds good for responsiveness, and writing compact #Erlang code is enticing, but Erlang already has WxWidgets bindings (they are updating to Wx4). This would be a whole new binding (automated generation) ...

@wyatwerp my main rationale is fun developing it 🙂 Apart from that it's not only about / for UI (wxwidget will not easily fit on phone screens or be ) but also being able to use other introspectable libs like to poke at , etc.

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