Librem 5 Mass Production Phone Has Begun Shipping

"Shipping the Librem 5 has been an immense multi-year developmental effort. It is the culmination of people’s desire to see an alternative to Android and iOS..."

@purism only $2000 for a phone? Are you smoking crack? Pinephone is a fraction of that price and is doing more for the FOSS community by making hardware available to, you know, regular people.

At least Jesse James had a horse!


Conceptually I find it interesting. Pricewise, it's an easy "no"


@leyonhjelm @purism it's an iPhone for the kind of people who correct you to "GNU! plus Linux."

Ironically, it will be the cheaper pinephone where the future FOSS phone systems are worked out, since only asshats would pay $2000 for a phone.

What a pitiful bunch of cretins.


I haven't looked into the pricing that closely. I could get several PinePhones for that price, and Pine64 is a source I've already dealt with and found honest thus far.


@jeremiah @leyonhjelm @purism it's not 2000 dollars :) that's another phone, called the "librem 5 USA". Note that this is the non-USA version :p

@leyonhjelm @jeremiah @purism I see $799 on the "pre-order" page.

(An iPhone 11 seems to be $599.)

@mpjgregoire @leyonhjelm @purism so on top of charging asshat money, they're charging $1200 too much. Fantastic! Sign me up!

@jeremiah @purism That's only if you want the made in the USA version. The made in China version is much cheaper, as per usual!

@jeremiah @purism $2,000 for one made in the US. ~750 for a normal one. Expensive but attainable.

@Phaserune @purism ridiculously expensive, and an IQ test that one fails if one spends $750 on a phone.

@jeremiah @Phaserune @purism or someone who understands that it takes more than hardware to create a viable phone. PinePhone gets to slurp up the software effort paid for by Purism for the Librem 5, and relies on community for the rest. The result is a phone that's cheap but not yet useful as a daily driver. They both fill a need. Those who can afford to, help to drive the ecosystem forward. Those who can't still have the low end option.

@jeremiah @Phaserune @purism
@jeremiah @Phaserune @purism
Did you notice that the best working GUI on the Pinephone based on Phosh and used by Postmarket OS or Mobian is created by Purism? Do you really think that this would possible by community only? Also Libhandy is crated by Purism. Everyone that bought a Librem 5 also supports the Pinephone.
Maybe you should read a little bit more and then make the IQ test again ;)

@zwerg12 @Phaserune @purism ... the IQ test is if you're stupid enough to spend $750 (or $2000) on a phone. If you do, you're a flaming idiot / have really odd priorities. It's like an $80 cheeseburger or a $200 pair of socks. There may be a reason, but it's a stupid reason, at least, by my lights. ymmv.

@jeremiah @zwerg12 @purism enjoy your pinephone. I don't got time for this kind of trolling.

@Phaserune @zwerg12 @purism saying that I think spending $750 on a phone is retarded is trolling? Then why respond?

@Phaserune @zwerg12 @purism also, i don't have a pinephone. when the present phone goes tits-up, I'll consider one or some other reasonably priced alternative. As it were, I like my G7 a lot, and it was very reasonably priced.

@jeremiah @purism The $2000 one is built with parts almost entirely sourced from the USA.

@jeremiah @purism
😆 , agreed, but they do advertise as it was entirely built in the US. Not sure that's even a selling point or none-selling point at this point.

@purism someone just announced on the forums that he already got one :D looks official!

Does that mean we look forward to tracking number in our email next? yes.. trying not to get too exited

@purism Amazing job to you and your team. Can’t wait to get mine. Keep up the good work and keep pushing forward.

@purism I'm looking to buy a Librem 5 after Christmas for use here in Australia. 🐧

@purism Thank you very much for creating this open source marvel !

@purism Thank you, Purism, for all the hard work you've done (and are still doing).🙏 😘 You have made a vision come true! I can't wait to finally hold the Librem 5 in my hand. This is so awesome!🎉

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