I've been working on porting to the ( controller), and it works alright on both hardware revisions. I've finally created a PR for this upstream, so if you want a colorful hexagonal , maybe this is for you! github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/pu

Update for my #Phosh overlay hacks, in the end I decided to go with gestures using lisgd gesture daemon from #SXMO

⬅️ Emulate Escape/Alt+F4
⬆️ Rofi with drun/window/web search modes
↔️ Switch windows back and forth
↗️ ↖️ Custom quick menu/Keyboard layout change

The phone is running #Droidian, mobile #Linux distro, you can check out supported devices here - droidian.org/ (even camera and fingerprint scanner works on most!)

#LinuxOnMobile #MobileLinux

If anyone is in interested, I uploaded everything there - github.com/vacuumbeef/phosh-ov

I'm sure it wasn't done in the best way, and it is not very comfortable to share, but I felt it was worth doing anyway

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Detailed and credible looking report of #LawfulInterception #MitM on an #xmpp server hosted at #Hetzner in Germany: notes.valdikss.org.ru/jabber.r

Looks like a transparent bridge was deployed in front of the actual server, obtained dedicated certificates from #LetsEncrypt and MitMed all incoming client connections since July. It was discovered because the LE certificate expired 🤦

We are rapidly approaching three years of Weekly Updates on #LinuxMobile! :tux: 📱🎉

Please help on with coming up a nice summary of all that time to celebrate! The pad for this is at pad.hacc.space/5g5RIS0qSh2hoPh

Thank you, @Blort for the great idea!

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