That "edit your podcast using Vim" program (recently mentioned on the podcast) now supports because I realized I have a project that this is a good fit for, and I write micro plugins . It's nice to have a lightweight audio/video editor that works in my favorite text editor.

@zachdecook I had, at one point, started thinking about a text-based way of photo, video, and audio editing - almost like a script that I could run. Never actually started working on it though!

@zachdecook Ah, I really want to try this for editing interviews for the radio on my linux laptop! But the readme mainly confuses me...

@yoshi There's a lot going on, but it's like this.
1. Get SRT files for your unedited audio files
2. use srt2tsv to make a tsv file
3. edit the tsv file
4. use tsv2roughcut to make an mp3 of your edit

@zachdecook Alright, whisper went well, I've also taken the srt2tsv script, worked well, deleted some lines I don't want and ran that through, but then it tells me that it can't find the clip, even though it has the 100% correct file name and the wav is in the same folder... it prints: "WARNING: NO clip similar to "2024_filename.wav" found. Skip.". Maybe you happen to know what the issue could be ^^

All files (script, srt, tsv, wav and py) are in the same folder.

@zachdecook The roughcut.tsv is created and is correct.

@yoshi you have to change it to "2024_filename" (no .wav extension) ... probably would be a good patch to make it work with the extension there because that also tripped me up when I first used it.

@zachdecook Okay, this is awesome. It just took me only 30 minutes to do a rough edit of an almost 2h interview, which is now also 30 minutes shorter! I'll play around a bit more, and then I'll see if I can do a write-up from a radio journalists perspective on what works well, and where the rough edges are.

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