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Update for my #Phosh overlay hacks, in the end I decided to go with gestures using lisgd gesture daemon from #SXMO

⬅️ Emulate Escape/Alt+F4
⬆️ Rofi with drun/window/web search modes
↔️ Switch windows back and forth
↗️ ↖️ Custom quick menu/Keyboard layout change

The phone is running #Droidian, mobile #Linux distro, you can check out supported devices here - (even camera and fingerprint scanner works on most!)

#LinuxOnMobile #MobileLinux

If anyone is in interested, I uploaded everything there -

I'm sure it wasn't done in the best way, and it is not very comfortable to share, but I felt it was worth doing anyway

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Detailed and credible looking report of #LawfulInterception #MitM on an #xmpp server hosted at #Hetzner in Germany:

Looks like a transparent bridge was deployed in front of the actual server, obtained dedicated certificates from #LetsEncrypt and MitMed all incoming client connections since July. It was discovered because the LE certificate expired 🤦

We are rapidly approaching three years of Weekly Updates on #LinuxMobile! :tux: 📱🎉

Please help on with coming up a nice summary of all that time to celebrate! The pad for this is at

Thank you, @Blort for the great idea!

Released the firmware for the Controller on sourcehut (with automatic builds)
This is a real product (you can buy) that is mostly for playing music (but may some day be a )

the april blog post is out, ditching duckduckgo for mojeek. i've loved using this search engine for a few months now, and wanted to write about why i opted to use it in place of duckduckgo.

Ever since doing the initial completion support in 's osk-stub I wanted to add a generic "unix pipe" like completer. phosh-osk-stub would feed the program preedit on stdin and read the completions from the program's stdout.

That is there now and with that and some more changes I can use @zachdecook 's to do swipe like typing. To be clear: all the hard work is done by swipeGuess, phosh-osk-stub just piggy backs on it:

What kind of Linux distribution is running on your main computer?

#linux #distributions

why do I support right to repair? simple: i want to upload my own MIDI files to my washing machine to play when it finishes a cycle without voiding my warranty

What's a good open source that I can buy in the states? I already have an ethernet switch, so I just need basic 2 port WAN/LAN, maybe with wifi as well.

Me trying to figure out how an API works in a FOSS tool: "Let's go to the git repository to see what it does."

Me trying to figure out how an API works in a multi-million dollar VLSI tool: "Lets guess and check a bunch of random ideas because nothing works like it should."


IMO the set of software licenses which covers basically everyone's needs are MIT/BSD, WTFPL, CC-0, Apache 2.0, GPL, AGPL, MPL, and OFL.

If you're using anything else, you should have a good reason.

My door's always open if you need help choosing a license for your needs!

Administrative note: I just received a request to share our server's moderation data from someone who claims to be a university researcher (and seems to be legitimate - on a cursory search).

I rejected that request for a variety of reasons; chief among which is that such data does not belong to me, even as a server admin who solely pays for the hosting of my server. Since this is the case, further research into their claims was, frankly, unnecessary.

We made a promise that user data is not for sale - and "free" is a price. Yes, it probably would be *possible* to remove "sensitive" information - but that would be at my own judgment, not that of the users to whom it pertains. All of the moderation data, it is true, would concern users which are from other servers - but I don't see how that matters. Giving away someone else's data, even that of people we have specifically moderated, doesn't seem any more palatable, when viewed in that light.

Caveat: I was willing to share a) The simple number of federated users deactivated b) The simple number of posts moderated c) The amount of time per day that I spend on moderation - as that is either data generated by the server itself, or properly belonging to myself. I am also aware that some would find even that to be an overreach - and I understand that position, somewhat - but I will reiterate that such data, which pertains solely to server operation, is purely within my discretion, as server administrator, as it gives out absolutely no personal data other than my own, and only server data, otherwise.

While I sympathize with researchers' omnipresent need for data, I would caution fellow server admins to remember that administration is a trust, and that such trust needs to be fed and watered on occasion for it to stay healthy. You don't have the luxury of choosing who to share your users' data with.

Do not leave this device under your pillow 

Accidentally left a mess of Legos on my bed and need it to sleep. Too much fun with and my Lego-Sieve (sieve plate designed in )

My brother told me about the organizers (by internet personality Zack Freedman). Turns out it fits this little toolbox I had lying around. Doing some designs.

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