Ever since doing the initial completion support in 's osk-stub I wanted to add a generic "unix pipe" like completer. phosh-osk-stub would feed the program preedit on stdin and read the completions from the program's stdout.

That is there now and with that and some more changes I can use @zachdecook 's to do swipe like typing. To be clear: all the hard work is done by swipeGuess, phosh-osk-stub just piggy backs on it:

@agx @zachdecook

Is this coming in the nearish term to the repo? Or is your advice to build from source of we want it on our Librem 5?

@dperson @zachdecook The completer itself will likely make it into -osk-stub 0.26.0 but the plumbing (disable completion, swiping over characters) needs a bit more time so that won't be in any repos too soon.
Building a Debian package from the Merge request is simple though (as it contains the packaging data). You also need to build and configure swipeGuess.

@agx @dperson phosh crashes "Oh no!" when I `killall squeekboard && _build/run --replace` in Byzantium 🙁

@zachdecook @dperson squeekboard doesn't like to be replaced ( . phosh-osk-stub can replace itself though (that's what I'm usually using). If you don't want to use the debian package and `update-alternatives` you can add phosh-osk-stub to /usr/bin/osk-wayland .

@agx @zachdecook does this mean it's finally possible to connect that stub to something like fcitx or ibus to get support for chinese and other languages?

@baliceauxPelican @zachdecook The possibility for doing that has been available since some time, see (using uim) or (using varnam) - for other completers. Looking forward to someone looking into fcitx or ibus.

@agx and today keeps getting better! My arrived so I'm going to be playing with a lot more. Happy to support a healthy software-keyboard ecosystem!

@zachdecook What a coincidence 🚀 I have to admit that this was the first time I used swipe input (my previous phone had a hardware keyboard)

@agx @zachdecook does the keyboard have that thing where touch zone sizes for the keys change based on what the next letter is likely to be? or is that patented by apple or something

@agx @zachdecook could this isolate swiping the spacebar to position the cursor?

@dubstar_04 @zachdecook Swiping the spacebar to position the cursor in unaffected by this as the OSK switches to a different "mode" for that.

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