Show more @robby What about the old 3D Maze screensaver from Windows 95? I really love the look of this app abd want to use it, but it performs a lot slower (switching rooms) compared to Mirage. Also, if there are new messages in a room, it never seems to clear the notification badge unless I restart.

@scops I know at least one person feom Austria reported getting theirs on Reddit.

@purism i don't remember earlier batcheshaving the 'Librem 5' logo along the edge like that. Is that a sticker, or actually part of the case?

@BrodieOnLinux There's gotta be some sweet spot between "we don't censor anyone and nothing is deleted on the blockchain" and "this comment is obviously spam, delete it".

@nighthacker2003 @lunduke Coming soon to Windows - install your favorite Snap packages!

Actually it probably works via WSL but... ugh.

@dos @purism Very cool.
What USB Dock are you using and would you recommend it?

@mladen That looks REALLY good, Apple/Android design isn't any better than what I am seeing here. hey DT, i watch and enjoy pretty much all your content, but I wanted to let you know that the new Unfettered Freedom shows you have are excellent.
There are other great Linux news type podcasts, but having one from the Free Software perspective is really, really great. Thank you for this and for all your content!

@kyle Neat. is this getting installed as a PWA when you do this, or is GNOME Web just essentially creating a .desktop shortcut to the website?

@agx Does plugging in/removing the heaphone cable pause the music, or does it instantly just toggle the audio between phone speaker and headphone jack?

@petrisch @purism purism should create an LBRY channel and publish it there.

That said, awesome progress on everything.

@lbry tipping the creator in order to comment? Or does this tip go elsewhere? (Back to LBRY or something)

@dos @purism This is incredible. Sure, there's a long way to go, but there is so much promise for this platform.

Curious how Firefox compares to this. Also Newpipe, I saw that icon in your apps.

@purism Since there are some new covers in Dogwood, is there a weight difference between this and Chesnut?

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