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Recently flashed my with byzantium. And wanted to restore the data for the apps I use on the (podcasts, rss feed, mastodon account, online radios, email). I simply copied the directories of those apps from my laptop home folder to the home folder, and it was all there, and all the apps worked.
Yes, I know that for linux users the idea of syncing data across home folders is normal. But it still feels kinda cool to be able to do that between a laptop and a phone.

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Making a call from the app on the (and yes audio worked ;) ). This is still a development version of gnome-calls. And work still needs to be done to make it more user friendly and integrated with other components. But hey it is progress :D
Credits go out to: @devrtz that has been working to add on gnome-calls. Also the account on the phone is an account, shoutout to them as is an awesome service :D

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phosh 0.13.0 is out 🚀 :

Improved call handling when shell is locked, lockscreen notifications, high contrast theme support and much more. Check the release notes.

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Notifications are coming to 's lockscreen. Also in progress is different haptic/led feedback depending on the set notification category. The /#feedbackd side is mostly there and it works with but needs changes in to work with too.

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How to join Matrix rooms via XMPP and vice-versa?

A tutorial on using the matrix-xmpp bridge. Thanks to Ravi for writing this post for FSCI.

There are some rough edges to watch out for when you start using it and these are noted in the artcile.

#xmpp #matrix #privacy #standards #FreeSoftware

Updated my Librem 5 Dogwood to "byzantium" (PureOS 10) and today I connected it to my LG monitor (27UK850) via USB-C cable to charge the phone. Monitor was recognized and configured as secondary output! No docks, direct connection.

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"The month of April saw more advances on the software side, in particular where software integrates with the Librem 5 hardware. Check out our progress in camera, location services, and VoLTE support as well as an update on Librem 5 supply chain and the start of Librem 5 USA production”

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Sneak Peek of the Next PureOS Release on the Librem 5

"With the next release of PureOS, code-named Byzantium, just around the corner, let’s give you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to."

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So I spent the last few hours on taking pictures of cats with the rear camera of my Librem 5. Yep, that's my job now.

All credit for the camera support goes to Dorota, Martin and Angus: @merge @purism

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This is the jellyfish h264 demo on a using the 's VPU.

Using the CPU we take 300% of CPU time, using the VPU instead we take 10% (and even that can be optimized further). Using the VPU also saves ~1.5W of power. Thanks go to the and kernel folks for making this possible!

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Librem 14: Adding Librem EC, Freed Embedded Controller Firmware

"Starting with the Librem 14 laptop we are including fully liberated Embedded Controller (EC) firmware with all the source code available."

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Plasma 5.21 is out and it is the prettiest thing ever. Check out the new wallpaper, the easy-to-use application launcher, the brand new system monitor, and dozens of other improvements that make 5.21 the ideal desktop for you.

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Raspberry Pi OS has turned into spyware for M$:

And yes, they add M$'s repository key to APT's trusted database and add their repo to APT's repo list.
Without asking.
Or informing you via a NEWS file.

So now every time you do "apt[itude] update", M$ will know about it.

This isn't the first time that the #RaspberryPi Foundation changed your sources.list without asking:

Fuck that.


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docked day 2:
- Move config over so works on the dock (hello encryted email, package uploads, ...)
- Join via element until fully covers it
- Figure out smtp in needs libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit (so say goodby to the last on disk location that stored account passwords unencrypted)
- unbreak plymouth in so it doesn't force meta packages off the system (
- no crashes so far

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