@kde @kde Middle left, middle right, or bottom right. Those three are all great. The other three are kinda generic and look like any other background.

- I have yet to see an ad in *any* application, not counting on websites. This may be the best one. The whole ecosystem is not built around cramming into every orifice on your body. It's a different mindset. It's just software, without strings attached.

- I can use systemd timers or cronjobs to do things, without installing any "apps". I can accomplish a whole lit without any "apps", actually.
- It's a computer and not an appliance.

- Updates download and install when I ask, and I am not forced to run updates by some non-dismissable notification.
- On that note, I don't think I have seen a notification I could not dismiss.
- I can turn the screen off or change apps and FF (mostly looking at YouTube here) keeps playing the audio. It will even play the next item if the screen is still off.

@eliasr The Drawing app at least has "Paste from Clipboard" as a quick workaround but I agree I'd rather it save to disk by default.

@therealjimlove I didn't know AI ran on minified JavaScript (the picture :))

@BrodieOnLinux yes I definitely get these in the US. Something from US numbers. Sometimes caller ID says Shanghai.

@dos Safe to assume that phones yet to be shipped will have this firmware update already applied?

@drewdevault not perfect but by far the best we've got. Wish it wasn't dependent on Google money.

@kde The comic is great but the image description was riveting :)

@kop316 how would such a plug in get installed into Phosh? Is it just a .deb?


MS Teams
MS Sharepoint

These are currently the two worst programs on the planet.

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