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@drewdevault not perfect but by far the best we've got. Wish it wasn't dependent on Google money.

@kde The comic is great but the image description was riveting :)

@kop316 how would such a plug in get installed into Phosh? Is it just a .deb?


MS Teams
MS Sharepoint

These are currently the two worst programs on the planet.

@holypangolin I played and beat this game last night, it was a fun quick game. I really dig the artwork

@kyle wait are you a CSO or a fortune teller? Because now I can't tell.

@dos Did you record a video and create a gif from it? Or is this a few pictures that you created a gif from? Flat, but bordered on hover or active states. It just looks nice.

@cowanon @lbry I agree though, Odysee should have a download option for sure.

@kyle My friends got a Librem and he loves that (HK) Switch
It keeps those prying eyes at bay

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