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show me an #editor other than #emacs which can do this:
1. find the name of the command that is called when you type a key combination.
2. read its source code.
3. modify its source code and make these changes effective.

in emacs, this is:
1. C-h k KEY
2. <tab> <ret>
3. C-x C-q EDIT C-M-x

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Ever unsure about which #IFC class and predefined type to assign to your elements? The free resource by #IfcOpenShell and the #BlenderBIM Add-on has been updated with a more powerful search and support for #IFC4X3:

It can now search for multiple keywords, includes docs for predefined types, and multi schema search.

#openbim #opensource

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After a lovely time at ITV, my contract ends this June.

I can work from Senior IC to Principal Engineer. #Backend, #DataEngineering, and #DevOps. I can do #Scala, #FP, #Go, #Python, and more.

I prefer #contract, but could do #permanent for the right role.
Favour #remote, but hybrid in #Basel, #Zürich, #Bern areas could be OK. I speak English, Spanish, and Catalan. German at around B1.

Boost = ❤️
#Recruiters #Hiring #JobSearch #TechJobs #Jobs #GetFediHired #FediHire #LookingForWork

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phosh 0.37.0 is out 🚀📱:

- Wi-Fi selection via quick settings
- Build custom quick settings via plugins
- Caffeine quick settings
- Support fractional-scale-v1 protocol
- Updated #squeekboard layouts
- Improved Sound file and favorites selection
- Hardware specific pages in Tour
- Support notches of 16 more phones
- Support trie predictor in p-o-s
- Support more emojis in p-o-s

Check out the full release notes at

#phosh #gnome #linux #mobile #LinuxMobile #GNOMEMobile

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Imagine its the world championships mens team final, and the only penhold player is not chinese.

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If you're using in docked mode a lot and (like me) play videos while doing other things then upcoming changes in to have apps always-on-top and keybindings to move windows into screen corners might be helpful:

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Does your company big or small use #IfcOpenShell or the #BlenderBIM Add-on or have you built a tool (both free or proprietary) with these technologies? Let us know in the comments! We're collating a list here:

#OpenBIM #OpenSource #Blender #b3d

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Any #biology or #ecology folks know what this might be? We accidentally caught the poor guy when we were taking a grab sample of local pond water to run for heavy metal analysis.

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In an open letter to the EU’s member states, we, together with other privacy-first services like @Tutanota, @element, and @protonmail, outline why the Chat Control bill is not only ineffective but also incredibly dangerous:

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"@thinkMoult advocates for transforming #IFC into a centralized #BIM database, underscoring its role in enhancing efficiency in #construction and design project management. His approach stresses the significance of in-depth IFC knowledge for effectively consolidating diverse BIM resources."

#BIMVoice #BlenderBIM

Is there a good source to customize gnome shortcuts?
Specifically what I would like to do is to have a keybinding for launching an App, or switching to it, if it already runs. On Windows I have made this with autohotkey, where I launch a instance and give it a name I can switch back to. Is that a thing for workspaces? Haven't used those so far.

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i did it. did a thing. the thing is done:

a guide on neovim's lsp client. the unofficial click-baity title was "how to enable ide-like features without plugins."


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