So the first 20y are about developing all those filters to get to know the world around you and not getting too distracted by this random noise.
And then the next 40y is about to get rid of those filters to see what was wrong about them? How screwed up is that?

Hurra, unsere Verfassung regelt alles, von Architektur bis Mode, bin grad soo stolz!

Thank you and every other giant in the field!
Not in heavy use, but update once a day, using a bit more every day.

Just tried to get into brave browser because it gets promoted every now and then.

But already struggling with installation.

If its that popular, how is there no Debian package? No Flathub package. No second source to trust other than brave itself?

If building it from source, getting it from brave or snap are the only way to go, I have my doubts.

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As of todays -next ( you can run the without any additional patches using the default mainline arm64 . This means distributions can enable it without trouble from 5.12 onwards. The itself needs some more work but it builds a lot on what we have for the devkit.

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Prototype of my custom laser engraved back cover, in this case for #mobian. The logo scale is not yet correct, design is open for discussion. #pinephone #pine64

The rare moments where sozial media can be tragic and fun at the same time. She: "We miss our two kittens, named java and ruby".
Me: "Watch out for snakes"

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Just tagged phoc 0.6.0 - notable changes: filters out touch events on disabled touchscreens (thanks to @craftyguy), improves handling of tiled windows, includes plenty of bugfixes for mouse pointer support and tries a bit harder to fit windows onto the screen (which may help some Flatpak apps). Grab it for your distro while it's fresh! @purism

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To all #Anki users on #PostmarketOS : Please try out #Anki on your mobile device! It's fresh in the repo (package is maintained by yours truly).

It works great for me so far. But if you find anything odd, please let me know.

Oh, and please boost! Thx!

#Pinephone #pmos

//cc: @linmob @gamey

Uweeh, that geary update is really a game changer. Sometimes i still stuggle to get to the right folder, but its a lot better now.
Thanky to all # and so many more

Maybe doesn't look like, but its realy delicious :-)
My prechristmas recomondation, for swiss people at least.

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why is this not free software or at least open source, horrible to install

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