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@EC_NGI and @nlnet make a dramatic impact to improve our sustainable, privacy and attention respecting #linuxmobile ecosystem. One of the very few answers we have to the duopoly of Android and iOS from Silicon Valley!

Because of that we are saddened about the @EUCommission not mentioning NGI programmes anymore in their draft of funding programmes for 2025. 馃槩

We signed the open letter, consider doing the same if your project received funding in the past.

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I read the first two chapters of


Very well written, concise course / e-book by Dusty Phillips. Gives context when needed and even explains a bit of Vim basics which I did not know. I am currently experimenting it using the NVIM_APPNAME environment variable but the results are impressive so far. I might swap my handwritten configuration for what comes out of this course.

#LazyVim #neovim

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OK that #Microsoft #AI CEO said that "everyone can copy [...]it's freeware"

So since #Windows iso images are available we can copy them, it's freeware.

The same with all the licensed Microsoft #GitHub repositories too then ?

If paying is not owning, if creating is not owning, piracy isn't stealing then.

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Does anybody have a used corne style to give away or a recomendation for buying one in europe?
I don't want to solder myself this one but give it a try.

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So far you had to pull out 's top and bottom bar quiet a bit to make it unfold. That's kind of o.k. on 馃摫 like the or but can be cumbersome on larger phones like the or tablets like the . I've put out an MR for which adds a fling so you can also fold/unfold with a fast swipe. Here's a short video demoing this for different screen sizes:

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We have some great news about Railway: It is no longer limited to the HAFAS API that Deutsche Bahn uses! 馃帀
Now, you can test the Swiss SBB on Flathub beta (
There you can also use Transitous 鈥 with worldwide coverage based entirely on community-aggregated open data sources. Not as reliable and up-to-date as our other providers, but you can get involved to improve it.
Feel free to share feedback with us over at

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Today's new tiny project:

A JSON schema file for all the debug adapters configuration properties that can be used in a launch.json file.

If you're using the vscode-json-languageserver this will result in completion candidates and validation capabilities.

vscode itself unfortunately relies on extensions defining the schema in a package.json, coupled with client specific settings.

(So far only java and python are partically covered)


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My work on hprofdap made me think that some kind of query language support would be neat to have in nvim-dap. Jq like syntax, with interactive view like ijq maybe?

On the other hand - I always have to open up the jq manual when I do something other than a simple ".some_key" and given that most debug adapters support expression evaluation you can use that to make transformations.

Just wrote a new blogpost to not forget how my setup works.
No really, no need to read it, its just me rambling about how AWESOME, the foss community is.

On todays take .
There should be a or something to appreciate this lovely piece of software.

So here it is:

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Ondsel Engineering Suite 2024.2 is out: new assembly features, Sketcher and TechDraw cleanup and QoL improvements, Sheet Metal now included with improvements, and more

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Ondsel 2024.2 is out with a bunch of new features and quality-of-life improvements

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show me an #editor other than #emacs which can do this:
1. find the name of the command that is called when you type a key combination.
2. read its source code.
3. modify its source code and make these changes effective.

in emacs, this is:
1. C-h k KEY
2. <tab> <ret>
3. C-x C-q EDIT C-M-x

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Ever unsure about which #IFC class and predefined type to assign to your elements? The free resource by #IfcOpenShell and the #BlenderBIM Add-on has been updated with a more powerful search and support for #IFC4X3:

It can now search for multiple keywords, includes docs for predefined types, and multi schema search.

#openbim #opensource

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