@penpot I just tried to get my foot into penpot since i heard many good things. However i struggle because the burden to install it with docker is quite high for me (at work at least). Both elest and the desktop app require a account... why?

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Introducing the Librem 11 Tablet! The Librem 11 is a powerful tablet preloaded with PureOS running our Phosh user interface. Every order comes with a keyboard case, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and 1TB of storage. Order yours today!

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phosh 0.31.0 is out 🚀📱:

Lots of fixes in ➕ better xdg-activation ➕ less CPU usage ➕ animations on tiling/max

now supports the tablet-mode of convertibles (based on work by Jonathan Hall)

p-m-s allows to configure the notification priority for waking up the screen (thanks to Suraj Kumar Mahto).

libcall-ui switched to GTK4 thanks to @antonok.

Check out the full release notes at phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.31.0


Maybe AI can finally answer much more important questions like:
Who wins: Ali vs Holyfield or McEnroe vs Federer.
Like not saying it, but really show a match...

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:neko_cats_eye: Today I'm going to show you how I turned a cheap USB numeric keypad into a pad that I use for my digital painting shortcuts under GNU/Linux.
→ Tutorial: davidrevoy.com/article989/how-

#Keypad #Linux #NailPolish
#diy #Krita #MastoArt

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Habe ich als Nutzer Einfluss darauf, in welchem Ordner ich starte, wenn ich in einer Software auf "Datei öffnen" klicke?

In meinem konkreten Fall geht es um #FreeCAD. Da muss ich mich jedes mal von meinem home-Verzeichnis aus zur Zieldatei durchklicken. Viel lieber wäre es mir, wenn standardmäßig das zuletzt geöffnete Verzeichnis offen wäre.
Kann ich darauf Einfluss nehmen?

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Fun and heart warming #Linux #kernel contrib from 4-year old about "s" letter feeling sad and lonely at the end of line, missing header hilight as the all other letters have. ❤️

Copy from twitter.com/linux_deepin/statu

No its not ok if your app suddenly only works on chrome. is the browser I use and it used to work there. And there was no change on that side, so _you_ didn't check for it. Damit.
Thanks for listening fedi.

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Over the last week we have been battling a DDOS attack which is now largely mitigated. Please excuse any disruptions or slowness you may run into.

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FreeCAD 0.21 Released
The FreeCAD team is happy to announce the release of FreeCAD 0.21! This release contains thousands of bug fixes and hundreds of other improvements. New Sketcher tools, improved TechDraw features, and significant advances in the finite element method (FEM) workbench are just a few of the many areas developers worked on over the last year. More details can be found on the wiki v0.21 Release Page

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Are you an #architect who can design in #Brazil and use #BIM #OpenSource software? There's a job posting in the Open Source Architecture community:

"Estou com uma demanda de trabalho para modelar um pequeno edifício para um cliente em Mogi das Cruzes-SP.

Minha especialidade é em planejamento e custos, então estou procurando parceiros para desenvolver os projetos de arquitetura, estrutural, elétrico e hidrosanitário, dentro das normas brasileiras."


#FreeCAD #b3d

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Just released #nushell 0.83. Pretty chunky release this time. We added a bunch of type system improvements, match guards, some really handy syntax improvements, and a lot more.

If you're interested, you can read more here: nushell.sh/blog/2023-07-25-nus

The only reason for X is that "le me" can not easily filter it from my masto timeline. sad...

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Sorry for the advertisement, but I just put up my Librem 5 at a cut-rate price on eBay ebay.com/itm/145187968768

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The new preference packs and stylesheets for @FreeCAD are now available in the addon explorer, please let me know what you think!

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New blog post: Three Years of Weekly Updates on GNU-like Mobile Linux: Let's summarize and celebrate! linmob.net/three-years-of-week

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@b0rk The apt repositories are one of the most incredible collections of tooling knowledge in the world.

I'm really worried about trend towards "clone it from github" installers on privately owned servers, flatpak, snap, dockerdockerdocker whatever. Apt install whatever, done, is a modern miracle we at risk of forgetting about.

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