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@lbry Well, I mean, a command line interface *could* be a TUI.

@agx I'm really excited to see April. There is a ton of progress in this one.

@dos @purism i feel like I remember reading that camera support was done, but was in a future kernel and was waiting for the L5 to adopt this kernel version in orser to get the camera enabled. Do you know if this is true, and if so, if the camera is working in this newer kernel?

@kyle @mrbaraban That's cool. It makes sense that you could do it through a command. Do you know if there are plans to create an option in the settings to set the background?

@lunduke In your (unfinished) best operating system ever series, you touched on yhe subject that older Linux distros run into the issue of their software repos going down.

It's kind of a bummer that this is true.

Are there any good solutions to this? Can i install an old Ubuntu version and point apt to get archived packages from somewhere else.

I ask not because i want to do this kind of thing, but because I care about longevity of a platform.

@lunduke I get that this is thick by most people's standards, but I think that's a pretty snazzy looking phone

@distrotube@mastodon.technolgy To me, it boils down to the same thing as the "Can you appreciate the art while disliking the artist" kinda question. In Linus' case, I have 0 issues with him or his past attitudes/comments.
RMS, I love the dude, but he is not always the best public face. I think he could turn more people off than on.

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