What madness is this?!

Installing the complete, unmodified LibreOffice right on a Librem 5?!??

This can't work... can it?


Well. LibreOffice successfully installed on the Librem 5!

But... I mean... It won't actually run.

... will it?

Holy smokes.

LibreOffice runs on the Librem 5!


Saving files, opening files, typing... the UI is a bit cramped (it's a desktop app on a phone)... but hot-diggity! It works!

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It's amazing to me how much software is already available on the Librem 5.

- Some of it optimized for touch screens.
- Some partially optimized.
- Some not yet optimized, but functional.

The power of Free and Open Source software (and Linux) at work. :)

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I am seriously blown away by how much of the @gnome software works on the smaller, touch-centric screen of the .

The work of the GNOME team, the @purism crew, and so many independent developers that are making this happen... truly impressive.

All of you rule.

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I find task switching on the (PureOS) really interesting.

The launcher and the switcher are the *same* view.

No apps are running: the grid of installed apps takes up the full view.

With apps are running: the top half becomes a row of the apps you can swipe through.

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iOS and Android both have task switching and app launching as different functions and views. Are there any operating systems that put them together like on the ?

I'm drawing a blank. But I kind of dig it!

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Installed unmodified desktop on my .

Performance is fantastic (can play some great DOS-era games), but the display is just a tiny bit too big for the screen.

Then I remembered it fit on the Librem 5 dev kit with one line changed in the .conf. (Window size.)

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I should make a patch for dosbox.conf in the package for the . That way it'll fit on the screen just right for folks when they install it, with no fiddling.

Getting DOSBox just right on my phone.

I've got my personal priorities. ;)

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@lunduke Now put obsstudio on it and live stream to the bird site. Just for fun and profit!

@lunduke At long last, a way to actually write a novel while on the bus! Closest I've achieved is using #xpra to stream my server, but the HTML5 interface is so wonky it won't work on my phone...

@csolisr Both vim and emacs have long been in Termux on Android.

Though there's Androids wonderful random app termination...


@dredmorbius @lunduke I've tried a lot of text editors, and there's one major problem they share: they can't edit a novel because it literally doesn't fit in memory! (At least, I'm working on one that clocks at around 250K words and I'm still trimming it)

@csolisr Vim definitely doesn't have that problem.

I don't know what its upper limits are, but suspect it's > 1 million pages.


@dredmorbius @lunduke And the second major problem: it's not comfortable to be using the phone on one hand and a cheat sheet to remember what each button on Vim/Emacs does on the other.

@csolisr Learning vim properly helps markedly.

I invested the 2 weeks or so required back in the late 1980s. Skill-wise, probably one of the greatest payoffs ever for me.

Excellent video: invidio.us/watch?v=wlR5gYd6um0

(It taught me things, after 30+ years.)




Not sure if it's an impairment, but the times I've attempted to do vimtutor, I can literally feel my brain forgetting the keybindings of chapter 2 to make space for chapter 3. It's one of those courses that are expected to be finished in a single session, anyway.

@csolisr That's where trating vim as a language, [count] + target + action, helps a lot.

The basic vim tutorial should give you the basics.

Beyond that: practice and familiarity.


@dredmorbius @lunduke

I'm well aware of Vim keybindings being not unlike Regex, the problem is memorizing them all. I agree on the "Practice and Familiarity" part, but it's really difficult to reach that level when you need a cheat sheet for even moving the cursor.

@lunduke That's amazing, especially considering I can't do this on Android, at least not properly

@lunduke hi Bryan Lunduke, this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

I hope mpv will adapt its UI to be touch friendly to control audio volume by vertically swipe on the edge. I always wanted this feature on desktop too.

@lunduke it took ten years but at last!

Obligatory screenshot of the predecessor

@qwazix @lunduke ah, memories. Out of all my devices, platforms and technologies of the past - N900 and Maemo is the only thing I'm truly miss. It wasn't perfect device/OS, but it was perfect...

@Wolf480pl I would still prefer this to an android phone, if only I could afford it. It would still be much more useful to me than having a locked-down and vulnerable OS in my pocket all the time.

I hope with time these devices become more affordable.

@setthemfree yeah definitely. I'm not criticizing the phone or the OS. It's just that I don't see the point of running LibreOffice on a phone - without a proper mouse and keyboard, it'd be pretty unwieldy.

@Wolf480pl Sometimes, although very rarely, I needed to open odt/docx files on a phone. And I think it could even be useful in this current state to be able to read the content of such files (switching to "web view" could help on a small screen).

@setthemfree well if you had a dedicated document viewer, as opposed to an editor, it wouldn't have all those toolbars that take most of the space.


I could imagine that attaching those devices (Mouse, keyboard, a screen) to the phone could replace 90% of the use-cases for a PC, so I think it is pretty nice AND might be very useful, if standard software runs on it!


@Joachim_Rees @lunduke IIRC Ubuntu Touch was pushing that workflow back then when it was still a thing.

I still think that a situation in which we need to carry 4 cores and 4GB of RAM with us to display a map or view a website is pathological. But now that we've ended up in it, guess it wouldn't be bad if people could attach some sane peripherals to the 4 cores and 4GB of RAM they already have as use it as a regular PC.

Keep your eye out for the Pinephone. Coming Soon™.

@lunduke oh yeah! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! :D

@lunduke what a monstrosity have you unleashed upon these lands

@lunduke @glsk pretty close to the last thing I'd want or need on my phone tbh.. more useful on a tablet with keyboard/mouse perhaps...

@lunduke I bet you can clear a lot of the clutter away in settings.

What about abiword?

@masterofthetiger Weirdly well. The UI is cramped as heck (obviously), but it's totally actually usable. And honestly doesn't look bad! Just... so rad.

@lunduke with the default dialer, are there any settings where you can connect to a VoIP sip account?

Actually android has a similar experience.
By swiping up from the navigation bar, you open the multitasking view, which has a small dock on the bottom.
If you swipe up again, you open the entire app drawer

One of the first things I'm going to do when I get mine is put dosbox on it and then see if it'll run wizardry 7. If it does, it'll be nirvana.

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