(IMO) Linux is more than a Kernel it's a way of life. Using Linux has not only taught me more about computers, but it's changed my perspective on reality, I feel it empowers me to live a free and open life. Free in the sense can I control the path I take, and open in the sense that I can more easily share and communicate my ideas with others its not only taught me self reliance but also inspired me to learn new things, and in the FOSS world there is no shortage of new and exciting things.

Tried flare for the first time yesterday, that was pretty fun reminded me of Diablo

‪Yeah, baby!‬

‪The Lunduke Show has overtaken minutephysics to become the #3 channel on LBRY!

‪#1, here I come!

I have a feeling that lbry.tv is slowly gaining in popularity as more news of YouTube issues are on the rise, if I'm correct, then that's awesome, I really enjoy lbry.

looks like I'm going to be looking towards twitch and lbry for my video consumption after 2020 begins, the game theorists on YouTube posted a concerning video about youtu.be/pd604xskDmU

@lunduke I'm looking for a little palmtop-style computer, with the ideals of 1- being able to run a rad operating system (DOS, FreeDOS, AmigaOS, maybe even Linux/*BSD) and 2- having some means of getting information off of it when I need to transfer data to my regular setup. I anticipate having to save up for it, but I'd like recommendations on what I should be looking for. I don't want a GUI (I'd mostly just be running wordgrinder and vim) & I anticipate not having a working network connection.

Very happy to say a few days ago, I got one of my dad's old laptop computers, up and running with Lubuntu 19.04, he's thankfully taken an interest in Linux at least a little.

Roads are dangerous in Rock Island,IL and in Davenport, IA. Be careful out there everyone.

More issues with YouTube - a video from Markiplier says people have had their entire Google accounts shut down for emotes in a Livestream... Really YouTube come on... It would be cool if he came to lbry. youtu.be/pWaz7ofl5wQ

No Linux Thursday this week. I'm too sick to record a new episode today.

Got a video "in the can" that I'm releasing in its place. Never fear, Matt Hartley will be back with me next week to get our Linux on. ;)

@purism Nicole and I (taking the photo) on a little Librem 5 Birch fabrication trip...

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