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I’ve started learning lots about and a few years ago and I love it even as an ex .
My day job is in , , and , while I also do some work in , as well as part-time at .
Another part-time job is where I often shoot shows, , , , and .

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One of the pretty neat innovations from #Mastodon has been actual, functional, and fairly reliable (from all accounts I’ve seen) distributed system account migration, with the notable exception of post migration, which has additional challenges worth exploring.

To be clear, as far as I know, no other blogging (or chat) software, system, or even protocol comes close to achieving the level of functionality described in Mastodon’s documentation:

In short, moving:
* all your profile information
* moving all your followers & followings, transparently
* redirecting your old account to your new one

More at that link. From the docs, it’s clear that quite a bit of thought & consideration went into the design & implementation.

Once I had setup #BridgyFed to #federate posts from my own site¹, I myself made use of the this Mastodon feature to migrate from my try-it-out account to my #IndieWeb (move destination handled by BridgyFed).

For me the migration experience was 100%, because I had not posted anything

The challenge of post migration is not unique to Mastodon, though I believe it goes beyond “simple” export & import support, which is still a good place to start.

Mastodon has two forms of posts “export” currently:
* RSS feeds, which will get you some number of recent posts, by adding ".rss" to the end of any Mastodon profile URL, e.g.
* Activity Streams 2.0 JSON, per (note: it currently says “ActivityPub JSON format”, but there is no such thing, #ActivityPub uses the #ActivityStreams 2.0 JSON format and I’ve filed a PR² to fix this in the docs)

Lots of software & services import RSS, e.g. #WordPress.

As far as I know, nothing (not even Mastodon itself) actually supports importing Activity Streams 2.0.

There is a more complete format (with specification!) for exporting & importing blog content:

Blog Archive Format (.bar), first specified here with example file:
More details and another example file:

Blog Archive Format has the very nice features of:
* portable HTML feed (h-feed) and JSON Feed
* photos and other media
* locally browsable post archive

Naturally, supports both exporting & importing Blog Archive Format.

There’s an interesting opportunity here for an open source converter
* from Activity Streams 2.0
* to Blog Archive Format

Such a library would make an excellent drop-in addition to any #ActivityPub implementation, allowing both export of posts, and also a browsable archive format, so you could visually double check when importing to another service that these were the old posts you were looking for.

This would be a good first step, using an open standard, towards Mastodon itself supporting post migration³.

Ideally, similar to account migration, the old posts server should also at least:
* redirect old permalinks to the new permalinks
* redirect any replies being delivered by ActivityPub to the new location
* provide #Webmention discovery forwarding from the old URLs to the new URLs (e.g. using HTTP LINK headers)
for some amount of time.

Want to add support for Blog Archive Format or got questions or feedback?

Join in the development conversations:

This is day 39 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb. #100Days

← Day 38:
→ 🔮


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blog archive format
post migration



I've discovered the Baywatch channel on Plex; a show that deals with lost dogs, homelessness, autistic children, shoplifters, trying to find an apartment, fundraising, learning CPR to save lives, etc. Kind of a refreshing break from multiverse, space cowboy, superhero, serial killer TV shows we have today.

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Chrome extension to auto-block Twitter Blue subscribers on Twitter

Mute or Block Twitter Blue subscribers automatically, as you browse.

WooHoo! I got this awesome FormSpammerTrap code ( to work with PHPMailer's ( SMTP sender!

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get yourself a girl who deletes tracking parameters from URLs she shares you
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TIL how to disable CSS on firefox:

press alt
choose view
page style > no style

Bleh! My website hosting provider decided not to allow local server email sending anymore! Hello learning PHPMailer so I can authenticate with an external SMTP server!!

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You don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon!

All links on Mastodon count as 23 characters towards your post limit, no matter how long the links actually are.

Link shortener services like, etc track users who click on their links, so Mastodon removed any practical need to use them. If you still use link shorteners on Mastodon, it will be obvious to everyone that you are just doing it for tracking purposes.

More info at

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Hey #fediverse Hive Mind: ❓

If you had to recommend a set of #hashtags to follow for brand new users, not knowing their particular issue set they cared about, what general, noise-free, but active hashtags would you suggest? Here is a thread of mine, please add in comments:

(HT top @feditips for some of these)

🧵 1 of X

#Introduction & #Introductions - New people on here, say hello

#Befound - lists of other lists of Fedi users

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Dolly 2.0 is a really big deal:

"The first open source, instruction-following LLM, fine-tuned on a human-generated instruction dataset licensed for research and commercial use"

My notes so far on trying to run it:

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That "take me down to the Parallax City where the far moves slow and the near moves quickly" tweet by an unknown author should be in a museum.

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I'm getting pretty confident telling people if none of the following #VPNs are well ranked on a ‘review’ site - drop the site ❌

- @mullvadnet
- @ivpn
- @protonvpn
- Windscribe

Sites with the best #privacy & #security reputation consistently have these as their top winners, and for good reason - they’re pushing the envelope on keeping you safe, without insane sponsor/affiliate deals to buy out websites.

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All software eventually becomes open source. If it doesn't, it either fades into obscurity or an open-source lookalike replaces it. Take web browsers, for example. Google develops Chromium (which also powers Brave, Opera, and now even Microsoft Edge) because they realize that this gives them influence over their competition. Because they understand that everything eventually becomes open source.

If a piece of software is a good enough idea, someone will eventually, in their spare time, create an open source version of it. It could be simply out of interest, to learn, or because they want to gain influence. Take Mastodon vs Twitter for example. Mastodon was created by a young man in his free time, and it's now in the ring with a $42bn company. It was able to do this specifically because it's open source, which stoked the enthusiasm of other technologists who self-hosted and made it happen. You will see how "Post News" and "Tribel" or whatever, have quickly burned up in the sun in the aftermath of Elon Musk's yesterday drama.

Everything eventually becomes open source because it can be. The reason people climb mountains is because they can. If you want to play the short game in an already flooded market, you are free to take your chances and build a secret project in a secret lair that nobody will ever find out about. Or you can start playing the long game from the very start and just build it open source. It would be a missed opportunity not to.
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Here's some more great stats about the Fediverse:

1. Half Year Average Users (HYAU) just reached an all time high of 4,786,827

2. Active servers might soon hit 25,000

3. Misskey is the fastest growing part of the Fediverse, and in just one month doubled in size from 100,690 accounts to 226,480

Things are really taking off!

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Last night, the website of Reykjavík #Hackerspace, Hakkavélin, got flagged by Google's "Safe Browsing" as "deceptive:

Thanks to fedi friends reporting this block as incorrect, the site is unblocked. 🎉

But our #Yunohost login page is still blocked: 🤦‍♀️

We would really appreciate help with reporting this also as incorrect. You can do this here, and it takes less than a minute:

Thank you! <3

#FuckGoogle #Hackers #InfoSec

Oracle Cloud port 25 egress opened! Woo Hoo!!

Self-host web & newsletter subscription system with payments? That sounds nice!

That's a good place to find inexpensive server rentals.

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