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I’ve started learning lots about and a few years ago and I love it even as an ex .
My day job is in , , and , while I also do some work in , as well as part-time at .
Another part-time job is where I often shoot shows, , , , and .

A good cold winter breeze helps the high power Intel H series processors work harder. :)

Alright, I like the extending telephoto wide aperture lens on this camera phone that was just announced today!

@tekguru Ah, trying out Vivaldi's instance now?

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If you're not aware, NASA is posting all the interesting JWST images to Flickr, in glorious full resolution. I just downloaded a 150MB image of the Tarantula Nebula. Find that and more here:

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Lenovo is running a pretty good deal atm on a Fedora Linux Laptop. So if you are in the market for a new laptop be sure to check it out. #fedora #linux

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I hate it when I see imply that good design caters only to the majority and ignores the minorities. Good should be and accommodating to .

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Ultimately Mastodon's killer feature is that it's a public good that someone built because they thought it needed to exist and not a startup someone built because they wanted to get rich quick selling other people's data.

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Three jobs posted

Apply Now:
PureOS Packaging Developer
PureOS Infrastructure Developer
System Administrator

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It turns out that his employees at SpaceX were "managing" him and preventing his dumber ideas from being implemented.

I think what we're seeing at Twitter is what happens when he doesn't have employees managing him.

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✨ Community CDN

An opt-in :pixelfed: service to offload remote/federated media hosting to a trusted community CDN operated by us.

You'll still have to store local media, but instead of storing remote/federated media, you can use the CDN to keep your hosting costs down.

Shipping to select instances next month, and available to all next year! #pixelfed #communityCDN

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Now that we're starting to see more impersonation accounts on Mastodon, a reminder that verified websites are a thing. It's not perfect, but implementable at the individual level, and this is how we know for example which of these is the real @stephenfry - and it's not the one with the meaningless checkmark. :)

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Now Musk is saying if Apple and Google block Twitter on their app stores, presumably for failure to moderate hate speech and for safety, he will just create a new phone.

So it’s going well, right?

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Over on Twitter it’s like the Penguin is in charge of Gotham.

@yestergearpc Also, Happy Thanksgiving! Tell my cousin I said so too. :)

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The guy who promised Twitter will be the most reliable source of information and not tolerate false information…is currently leading the way on tweeting unreliable and false information.

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