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The #Signal messenger has become very problematic lately, and most of its problems come from it being centralised.

You may want to follow and support a decentralised messenger project instead, there are many of them on the Fediverse:

➡️ @snikket_im - New initiative giving XMPP servers & clients a newbie-friendly unified look and feel

➡️ @xmpp - The XMPP standards foundation

➡️ @matrix - Matrix is best known for its Element client

➡️ @delta - Messaging through email

➡️ @briar - P2P messaging

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> Here are a few examples of things you can’t really do well in a web application:
* Create a fast drawing program
* Build a real-time spell checker with wavy red underlines
* Warn users that they are going to lose their work if they hit the close box of the browser
* Update a small part of the display …without a full roundtrip to the server
* Create a fast keyboard-driven interface that doesn’t require the mouse
* Let people continue working when they are not connected to the Internet


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#2422 Vaccine Ordering 

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Penpot is out! Your new Open Source design and prototyping platform.

Try it now! #DesignFreedom 🎨 🎉

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How safe it is to use Delta Chat? Nothing has changed about our stance to user data: we don't have it, not even encrypted, and also no traffic data. Nada. Nothing. Nilch. You insist? Please refer to any of the hundreds of thousands of e-mail servers. Cheers to decentralization :)

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News Flash... Flash still hasn't died.
Die flash! Die! 💀

South African government releases its own browser just to re-enable Flash support | ZDNet

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Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services — Free Software Foundation India

You can find me as on #Matrix 😊

#whatsapp #communication #privacy #decentralisation

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@p Do you know anyplace that hosts Pixelfed instances?

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Let me try posting a video. Here are some of my clips of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

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This is a good open-source app for seeing and blocking all the things an Android phone is connecting to.

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Only 22% of adults use Twitter. In contrast almost every house has a TV. The idea that there is some monopoly over access to the public here is really not compelling. Maybe you spend too much time on Twitter if you think that.


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If someone says or does something hurtful on the Fediverse, you can control who you interact with by using blocks and mutes.

✅ On Mastodon, click "..." underneath a person's message to mute or block them. Muting means you won't see them any more but they will still see you. Blocking means you won't see them and they won't see you.

You can also use "Block Domain" which blocks everyone who is on the same instance as the person you are blocking.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Blocking #Muting

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