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I’ve started learning lots about and a few years ago and I love it even as an ex .
My day job is in , , and , while I also do some work in , as well as part-time at .
Another part-time job is where I often shoot shows, , , , and .

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The patriarchy is the reason you know the names Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk, but you've never even once heard the name Evelyn Berezin.

Alright ChatGPT, that was pretty good. Don't forget to configure PHP for 100Mb uploads and run certbot though.

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Dear devs,

It's NEVER ok to lock people out of a webapp because their User-Agent doesn't match your predefined list. 😡

Especially webapps they need to manage their healthcare.

(I am in fact using one of the browsers on this list, your code just isn't able to tell.)

:boost_love: Please boost for basic education.


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TikTok: Look! I discovered hot water melts frozen food faster!

Twitter: Look at this TikTok video showing how to defrost your food faster!

Yahoo news: Millions of Twitter users view TikTok video showing new life hack for melting frozen food!

Mastodon: Please read my academic white paper describing the impacts of public school system underfunding

OMG, the South Park episode about ChatGPT is making me wheeze with laughter and I'm only 5 minutes into it.

What should I learn & test on Oracle Cloud next?

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"If the recent Twitter debacle has taught us anything it is that platforms aren’t stable. Tying your online identity to a corporate-owned website is fine for a while but in the very long run anything posted there is, ultimately, ephemeral....The only thing we can really rely on on the web is the web itself.

It is ubiquitous enough to be mostly decentralized, has backward-compatible standards that are mostly agreed-upon, and is mostly resilient to attack..."


Woo! Finally go to work on by adding the below to the server block config! server {

if (!-e $request_filename) {
rewrite ^.*$ /index.php last;


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Nope! Still having 404 errors for anything but the home page. :-(

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This line about AI makes me laugh but also I want to use the term more 

Outlook for free on Mac is pretty nice! They should do that with the x86 Windows Outlook too... the Outlook PWA Microsoft is working on is terrible.

I think I finally learned how to get WordPress running in NGINX with multiple server blocks. Phew!

Mandalorian Season 3 spoilers 

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