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The and of the is the and of the number . and is in the of the , the old and . The the of Rome and the and . and Christ alone is the of the of and the true ! Get out of the Bed and from the , The of who is by the of the .

that contributes to several free software projects such as , wlroots and ? We've also made dozens of patches to the kernel (5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.20) for the and our other hardware

and seem to be in a to and and the as as they ... As a and by I have in any of them and one have to be of what they say and things for . Take and be of the !!!

out of this week for 7 days which is ongoing, had 2 video's earlier on and now... my youtube is .
Anyway, - have a good of :)

Danish Woman having her head cut of by a Mohammadan 

or is the of , , , and . Following a who was a who had with a 9 young girl named when he, was 54 years old.
Every single Mohammadan rejects , Jayshua HaMashiach or better known as and these of follow there own and up version proclaiming they in Jayshua while they truthfully reject him as Gods Son.

I'm still disturbed of the images and sounds from the video of a young Danish girl being by a member of the of "peace"... This has to be the most thing I have ever seen or heard, hearing her while the cut into her neck... Get it out of , none of the people asked for this of , , and pure .
I don't how anyone could do such a thing to another .

Shabbat Shalom, have a great day of Rest on this blesseth Seventh day!

For everyone not happy with news relating to Google, Android, and Huawei...

I'm just going to leave this right here...

We believe that privacy and technology can be moral and convenient

Librem One allows you to reclaim your privacy, securely communicate to your friends, and does so easily with your freedoms intact.

When and say they the same god they are correct that they both worship the the and great .
But don't propose or claim that and those two are following the same !

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