So I've been building a 100% analog polyphonic synthesizer with an unique twist. To use only vacuum tube era technology from the 1930s.

Over 300 neon gas diodes create the sound you hear. Pretty awesome for technology from 100 years ago.

Still a work-in-progress, but I wanted to post a video of it with the innards spread out across the workbench. : }

I call it the "Neon String Machine"

#synthesizers #music #electronics #audio #synthwave

I'd really like to thank jenneron[1] for their contributions to #postmarketOS! 🎉

They have been the 2nd highest committer to pmOS over the past 6 months. Recent contributions include adding new devices, simplifying the boot process for many devices, and adding new ways to support booting on others.

They've also added something like 26(!!!) new device ports since they began contributing to pmOS 🤯


⚖️This week's decision that prohibited @meta from using personal data for advertising was made possible by our 5.108 supporting members.
Our work is a long way from finished and we still need your help. You too can become a supporting member today ➡

People keep asking me what, in particular, Musk did to cross the line. There are so many examples I could show, but here's one.

What a vile person he is.

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There can't be enough emojis 😎 :😃 😹 so I added a new widget (based on 's emoji chooser) to 's osk-stub:

1️⃣ /2️⃣

@planetmozilla I wish Mozilla would start treating Linux phones as first class citizen, Even with just community built fixes Firefox is great on a Linux phone and the primary app platform as there aren't many native apps for 3rd party services.

Mozilla should look at need and start catering to the Linux phone community as displacing the duoploy in mobile ecosystem is in everyone's best interest.

#linuxphone #postmarketos

unfortunately cannot join pixelfed when using Gnome Browser on vpn with cloudflare capture. It fails proving a secure connection as in it does not work :-/

I did the catcha like 8 times, please find alternate method to cloudflare which does aggressive ip blocking.

Apparently Not Human - so depressing

Testing Epiphany alpha flatpak on the L5 a little crashy but testing this ad blocker extension showed its very thorough!

I thought it would be fun to have 6GB memory on my librem L5 phone using zram and filling it up:

python3 -c 'a="a"*1386**3; input()'

while having 10 or so apps open and using them all. Seemed to work fine.

38 is looking at providing image For mobile devices.

The Phosh (Phone Shell) has been started by Purism.

We're happy to see broader adoption of the on 🚀

Hi, this is Greta. You are welcome to follow me here, if you prefer planet earth to planet mars.

By way of #introduction, I’m Carl, Founder and CEO of System76. I spend most of my time working to create open source hardware and software with an awesome team of incredibly talented people.

As participants in the open source ecosystem, we uphold that what we build should be useful to not only the consumers of our work but also those that want to build upon it, thus expressing the spirit and potential of FOSS through our work.

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