The Antifa Turtle on #Twitter shared a Twitter API okta leak that shows there is a list of "protected accounts", all of them right wing, who are allowed to break #X Terms Of Services without consequence and includes a list of whitelisted slurs they are allowed to use.

The whistle-blowing Twitter account was suspended by mods shortly after.

#elonmusk #freespeech #whistleblower #leak @UnicornRiot @freedomofpress @OffTheHook

So thanks to we managed to get the front camera in the Pixel 3a working with a libcamera/pipewire stack 🥳 Thanks to @flamingradian for the work on the whole port!

#postmarketOS #LinuxMobile #Pixel3a #Snapshot #GNOME #GUADEC

Alpine 3.20.2 released

This release includes various bug fixes and security updates, including a security fix with low severity for OpenSSL CVE-2024-5535


Starbase launch tower 2 module 3 was stacked this morning.


Congress is set to vote next week on a law that will allow industry groups to own copyright in the laws we all must follow. We need you to tell them to oppose this outrageous proposal.

USB & Thunderbolt Improvements Land In Linux 6.11

Greg Kroah-Hartman on Friday sent out all of the USB/Thunderbolt subsystem feature updates destined for the Linux 6.11 kernel of which there are many different patches across the board...

Major blow to the concept of software updates today.

Remember when developers would make an effort to bundle all their new features and bugfixes into a single stable build, and test that release thoroughly before sending it to users? We called it "shipping."

Shipping is old-fashioned now, and continuous deployment is in, which is why 5% of any given app is busted this week -- but don't worry, it'll be a different 5% next week.

JAAAAAAA! Mehr als 67.680 Menschen in Deutschland wünschen sich eine #Vermögenssteuer. Mit eurer Hilfe haben wir die erforderliche Anzahl an Unterschriften bei der Europäischen Bürgerinneninitiative (EBI) #TaxTheRich für Deutschland erreicht – ein wichtiger Etappensieg!

Damit die EBI erfolgreich ist, müssen wir nun zum einen mithelfen, dass weitere EU-Länder ihr Quorum erreichen – es braucht mindestens sieben. Sagt vor allem euren Freund*innen in Belgien, Dänemark und Italien Bescheid!

Außerdem müssen EU-weit länderunabhängig eine Million Unterschriften gesammelt werden, deshalb ist auch jede weitere Unterschrift aus Deutschland wichtig – teilt also bitte weiter so super wie bisher!

Für jeden Anlass die passende Kleidung im Schrank zu haben. So wichtig. #crowdstrike

Ah yes, let's ship a kernel driver that parses update files that are pushed globally simultaneously to millions of users without progressive staging, and lets write it in a memory unsafe language so it crashes if an update is malformed, and let's have no automated boot recovery mechanism to disable things after a few failed boots. What could possibly go wrong?


"As our country continues to reel from this horrific event, we in Congress have taken action by enacting a nationwide ban on all roofs, roof terraces, and balconies."

"Despite countless past warnings, the Secret Service failed to heed the real threat posed to the former president by the hundreds of millions of firearms in the hands of everyday Americans."

I’m now seven days into a ground-up rewrite of Movement, the community firmware for Sensor Watch, and this 2.0 update is going to be off the chain. Case in point: tonight I got FAT12 emulation working, which means the little file system on the watch can now mount as a USB mass storage device, for easily getting files off the watch. Read-only for now, but again: just seven days in.

Raspberry Pi "PiSP" Driver Landing Upstream For Raspberry Pi 5 Camera System

All of the media subsystem feature updates for the in-development Linux 6.11 kernel were sent out overnight. Arguably most notable with the media driver changes for the new kernel is introducing the Raspberry Pi "PiSP" driver for the image signal processor (ISP) found with the Raspberry Pi 5 for powering its camera system...

Linux 6.11 EFI Will Fake That It's Booting Apple macOS To Fix Some Dual-GPU Macs

The EFI changes have been merged for the in-development Linux 6.11 kernel. Notable this cycle on the EFI side is removing support for EFI fake memory maps and then a workaround to get dual GPU support working for some of the older x86-based Apple MacBook Pros by pretending that Apple macOS is booting rather than Linux...

Victory! Supreme Court correctly rules that social media platforms have First Amendment rights to curate and edit the speech of others they deliver to their users.

The Supreme Court’'s ruling is a big win for users and the First Amendment. It recognizes that the government has a very limited role in dictating what social media platforms must and must not publish.

GTK4 port of Disks for GNOME 47 is looking fantastic

Kudos @pothos @maximiliano Automeris naranja , Inam Ul Haq and Mohammed Sadiq

Also, this is the systemd sysupdate disk layout


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