You remember the "<Application> is ready" in GNOME or when you click on a notification the app isn't focused?

This will be finally fixed in GNOME 46

i think the EU should pass legislation that enforces standards based 2factor auth (like totp/hotp) for banks, health insurance etc. it is absolutely unacceptable that people are _forced_ to buy android/ios smartphones to use critical services

With some preparatory work to allow plugins to use objects from #phosh core and @arunmani 's nice work on custom quick settings already merged the often asked for caffeine toggle is within reach:

#gtk #gnome #LinuxMobile

Running latest Linux Kernel 6.8 RC4 on 2013 MacPro Tashcan hardware with no noticeable issues and zero patches applied.

What Apple is going to do to PWAs in less than two weeks in the EU is dastardly.

Their goal is to remove the only versions of Push, Fullscreen, Homescreen Icons, and Badging that didn't require paying them to be in the App Store *and make sure no other browser can have them either*.

They tried to sneak it under the noise of the alt-store drama, in a clearly premeditated fashion.

It's no exaggeration to say they've gone to war with the web & we don't owe the benefit of the doubt ever again.

Ship 28 was removed from Booster 10 this morning and crews are currently working on the hot stage ring clamps.


I just backed up my entire phones eMMC storage using no propertairy weird apps with limitations no nothing.

Just a bootloader that makes the internal storage appear as removable drive.

I never have to fear about reconfiguring my phone, losing app data or configuration again.

Brick the phone, just reflash the last complete image backup and we are back.

I can't understate how mindblowingly powerful this is

#librem5 #linux #Mobile #backup

GNOME 46 Beta Released - Mutter Supporting Direct Scanout For Cropped/Scaled Surfaces

The GNOME 46 beta is out today for featuring the latest fixes and last-minute enhancements to this open-source desktop environment update due out in March...

Happy I ❤️ Free Software Day everyone! Thank you to all the #FreeSoftware contributors out there who support #softwarefreedom ❤️❤️❤️ #ilovefs

Don't let this day pass without saying thank you!

After being sent this abomination of a link (the actual link is 34 character, the tracking IDs total 486 characters), I got the idea that not only could Chatty strip out the tracking IDs from a URL from display, but it would could also auto remove them when you send a message:

Because friends don't let friends send tracking IDs.

Starship 28 is sitting outside of the high bay this morning. This will be the next Starship to launch.


In addition to the new handbook, GNOME also has a shiny new release schedule page:

UI freeze in 10 days... 😬

There is a missing feature or something not implemented my matrix servers as an option as far as i can tell. You can currently follow someone, but there is no way to reduce the frequency of posts to show from that follow. Missing options:
1. show one post a day
2. show three posts a day
3. show 10 posts a day
4. show all

This is a problem also in other apps including RSS feeds, freetube, etc

Limit feed frequency of users you follow. Even Instagram or Facebook doesnt have that.

Many of the ills of today’s internet have a single thing in common: they are built on a system of corporate surveillance. This Data Privacy & Protection Day, we're calling for a ban on the targeting of ads based on our online behavior.

@alpinelinux why is it so hard to enable Zram in Alpine Linux, specifically zram that is persistent across reboots?

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