My personal Librem 5 arrives tomorrow, dudes and dudettes! What's the first piece of software I should install on it?

And, yes, I'll post pictures and video and whatnot. :)

@lunduke Im exited for whatever you're gonna show us, hopping I can get a librem 5 myself before its too late, but it's so expencive getting it delivered up to Norway tho.
Looking forward to the video :)
Thanks for beeing you, brian :D

@lunduke After thinking about it a bit, I'd put GIMP on it, as just today I was at the beach and wished I could edit a photo I posted to the bird site.

@ChrisTalleras @lunduke the mastodon webapp works pretty well. That would also be nice to try on the Librem.

@tromino that's a nice web client. I haven't seen that one before.

@lunduke Email client, Signal Messenger, Spotify client, super tuxkart...get something nice for yourself too

@lunduke Star Wars Dark Forces via DosBox, or see how Quake II runs natively. RetroArch might be good to see what kind of power the 5 has to run different emulators at playable speeds.
If games aren't on the menu, then LinPhone or Mumble server

@lunduke Sounds hype. Can't wait for the video. Install whatever you want or need.

@lunduke First things first, It has to be named Johnny 5, then have this pic as the background. 😀

@lunduke See if you can edit a video with Kdenlive on it😅😅

Can you post the weight and dimensions of the phone?
What are the image sensors being used in the front and back cameras?
Posting the output of the lshw and hwinfo commands would be very helpful and posting a high resolution photo of the board and its chips would answer a lot of the questions on the forum.

@lunduke How about a music making app. Like a piano keyboard with a soundfont/ instrument library? VMPK if you can get it running?

@lunduke Music! Hope the Librem 5 has an awesome music player 😀

@lunduke standard phone stuff... The rest we know is going to work somehow.

Dosbox and civ with a usb keyboard and mouse (and monitor if possible).

@lunduke A simple phone call would calm the comunity down a lot (I would guess so due to the posts in the forum) 😅


Showcase the state of the graphics drivers, how much the CPU can handle before thermal throttling, and take pictures and video with the cameras

@lunduke We would like to see anything mobile friendly that's essensial nowadays.

Don't forget to use a few hashtags, pretty please 😉 It makes it easier for people who are eager for news to find you!

@lunduke Please take some pictures with the camera(s) and tell us how well it works.

@lunduke Building and installing an app from source :)

@joao yeah try and see how it compiles libreoffice or firefox :P

@vancha Libre Office can be installed either from APT or PureOS store.

Form wont be perfect in a 5 inch screen, but it can run.

@joao yeah I tried with qemu, alas you only get a screen full of menu bars, no typing space.
But, when used with a larger display the phone could probably run libreoffice, I hope :o

@vancha well unless libreoffice takes more than 3GB of ram to run...

Exactly, it's not light on ram usage at all :p
Also, the cpu might make it a suboptimal experience, but we'll find out.

@lunduke after much serious thought, wobbly windows using compiz, using the fire effect when closing apps is what every new phone needs.

Ha! Take that blandroid

OMG if you install telegram on it and the app folds away like a paper plane, even iPhone 11 users will be jealous.

@lunduke Hello Bryan. Can you please address the elephant in the room ... the thickness of the device? It's hard to tell from the photos so far. Is it a brick, it it a problem, what does it mean for the weight ... etc. Thanks

@cquad The Librem 5 feels GOOD in the hand. It's thicker than most current phones (as much of it is modular inside). But in a really good way. Check the latest video from @gbryant to see it in detail.

@lunduke @gbryant I saw @gbryant video on the Librem 5 as soon as it came out. It's very exciting and I can't wait to get my hands on the handset. I do however think that people will look at it and think why is it so thick. So I'm just wondering about perception. I don't particularly care as I'm in with both feet having ordered x2 handsets. I'm sure we are looking at it through rose tinted glasses from freedom Linux perspective.

@lunduke I would love to see if zoiper or another VoIP software work on it. I use for my cell number and use zoiper on my android phone currently. Would love to see a program I can install and configure my VoIP SIP account with.

Authenticator. I use two factor authentication at work and I am hoping that authenticator will work on the librem when I get it.

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