The Pine64 Store may be be unavailable for a few hours, in order to fix an issue (related to the recent SSL certificate expiry). Sorry for the inconvenience.


The #PinePhone UBports Community Edition will be available for some time yet, but if you want your unit to ship this month, then place your order before the coming weekend. Just putting it out there for those on the fence so no one complains later :)

Microsoft just named a project without googling the name before. Spoiler: It already exists, and it's a KDE project. Thanks Microsoft.

It's great to see Ubuntu Touch thriving in an active community over at .


Three years after Canonical dropped Ubuntu Touch, and with a year of intense work by UBports, Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 has been released, integrating the final changes to Unity8 from Canonical. GET IT NOW! :D


Got the camera working in the #pinephone factorytest image, thanks to megi's patches :D

Because everyone love progress bars, here is my OTA firmware transfert for @PINE64 #pinetime with a new screen with a #progressbar!

PS : the video has been accelerated

In order for customers to be able to make their own personal favorite settings on the TUXEDO device, the specially programmed #TUXEDO Control Center is now available. #linux #Fancy

Detecting Mental Stress with simple wearable Heart Rate Sensors...

"Continuous Detection of Physiological Stress with Commodity Hardware"

#PinePhone gains FCC and CE approvals, massive strides in PinePhone software, new product ideas, and more: all in our April News Update.

After attending the Plasma Mobile team: AUA, I have started a new project called "trainer" to build a mobile application to do some sport. I plan to publish a longer blog post soon about it.

The project is there


Ever wonder what the #PinebookPro looks like inside?

Here is a picture with its back plate removed.
As you can see, most of the inside is the battery.

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