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Imagine this!!!!! Mycroft AI on the Librem 5!!!!! Open Source Siri/Google Assistant!!!


How have you guys explained Mastodon and the Fediverse to friends?

Runs on Librem 5, Day 6 - Evince Document Reader, Opening a PDF

What's your favorite Mission Impossible movie to date?

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a beast!! Exactly what I've been wanting them to do... more RAM!!

What's your favorite Mission Impossible movie to date?

Should be picking up my Scuba gear today! Can't wait!!

Runs on Librem 5, Day 5:

GNOME Dictionary & Orientation Switching

The @postmarketOS folks are making massive strides in their work, not just for the #Pinephone but also dozens of other devices new and old. 😄

Any way to add folders and subfolders in Librem Mail in Geary? Can't seem to figure this out.


We're looking at something new running on the Librem 5 Dev Kit every single day.

Day 3: Web Browser

The Librem 5 smartphone team has been hard at work, and we want to update you all on our software progress.

Including: LibHandy, Calls, Encrypted messaging, patches going upstream, Mesa, Documentation, and... Quake II. Seriously.

As we approach the release of the Librem 5 smartphone (Q3 of 2019), we're going to take a look at 1 application (or game, or feature) running on the Librem 5 Development Kit every single day.

Starting with something fun:

Day 1 - AisleRiot Solitaire

LibHandy 0.0.10, a library that helps with developing UI for mobile devices
using GTK/GNOME, has been released!

Details (including screenshots and videos) of adaptive layouts included in LibHandy 0.0.10:

Full release notes:

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