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I discovered games work great on my as a Gnome Web local app with its own launcher icon. While I already had solitaire and other games, this adds games like cribbage that don't have a native Linux app.

A post-tax-filing whiskey is a tradition around here. It works when it's a refund year but especially when it's not.

I'm digging the new boot splash screen that made it in the Dogwood PureOS release. I especially like the graphical feedback during system updates.

I'm testing a Librem Mini and comparing it to my SBC home servers (RPi4 and Odroid XU4). All have gig interfaces, but downloading an iso over my gigabit Internet shows massive differences: Mini (~107MByte/s), the others (25MByte/s).

It's fun to be a dad, you get to give your kid the toys you wish you got on your own birthday.

I transferred some of the Altbier to a 6L keg that fits inside my kitchen fridge and is pressurized using a CO2 canister. Three weeks from grain to glass.

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I'm so happy I splurged for Penguin's high quality cloth hardcover of War and Peace (Briggs translation). It not only feels great in your hands, it has a silk ribbon bookmark!

Can this really be the first time my son has seen Princess Bride? Inconceivable!

One down, ten to go. It was fascinating to learn about early civilizations including ancient Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon, Israel, India, China and Japan. Next up: volume two and ancient Greece!

If there were any doubt my van is the ultimate survival vehicle, look what I just found in there!

All that's left is cleaning part 2 and this is where the Grainfather shines. First I dump and rinse the kettle and give it a quick wipe with a rag. Then I fill it with 12L of water and PBW cleaning solution, heat it up to 60C and recirculate 10 mins. Dump, repeat w/ clean water.

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While pumping out the wort to the fermenter, I also collected some so I could do a gravity measurement. This tells me how much sugar is in the solution compared to water. Strangely this is *much* lower (1.060) than what I was expecting (1.073!). Many reasons why this could be:

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This is a lager so I will ferment it at celler temperatures in a warm fridge (~10C). I have attached a tube to the keg inlet so CO2 the yeast exhausts will bubble out in a jar of sanitizing solution. It takes ~ a month to ferment, another month lagering before ready.

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Once the fermenter is almost full, I pitch the yeast. I also sprayed the outside of the yeast container with sanitizing solution about 10 minutes before I opened it so the outside was sterile.

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Now that it's cool, I move the counterflow output to my fermentation vessel (a keg) and let the pump transfer it. The keg was sterilized with iodophor solution and the exhaust water from the counterflow chiller. Fun fact: iodophor is on the official list of coronavirus killers!

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