I'm testing a Librem Mini and comparing it to my SBC home servers (RPi4 and Odroid XU4). All have gig interfaces, but downloading an iso over my gigabit Internet shows massive differences: Mini (~107MByte/s), the others (25MByte/s).

@kyle It looks fantastic! Will you be testing transcoding performance? Can't wait for mine to arrive so I can set up a media server.

@twrightsman Sent me a link to a freely-available video, and a transcoding command, and I'll reply back w/ the results.

@kyle I don't think Mastodon does code formatting so here we go... (format 271 should be 1080p WebM)
youtube-dl -f 271 -o '%(id)s.%(ext)s'
time ffmpeg -i mN0zPOpADL4.webm out.mp4
Took 2m21s on my System 76 Galago Pro, and 5m48s on my old low-end desktop.

@twrightsman Looks like 2m41s first time I tried it. The Mini currently has an i7-8565U (8th gen) compared to the i7-10510U (10th gen) in the Galaga Pro.

@kyle Still much better than what I'm using and more freedom-respecting (my Galago Pro is not supported by System 76 Coreboot and has an i7-8550U). I'm keeping a lookout for a Librem 13v5. Thanks for testing and enjoy the Mini!

Isn't that because the Internet interface is shared with the USB bus?

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