Don't you like it when someone in Smash Bros's online quickplay is being toxic and you just, you know, run them over a little bit? 😉

I declined a rematch.

I was playing a lot more online quickplay today, and I'm wondering:

If someone is being rude/toxic/a bad sport/whatever to you in an match online, what do you think you should do back?

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@golemwire Not sure what SD means but I know when playing chess online and someone behaves that way I have the ability to block them which I do. I am not rude back, I just finish the game and never play them again.

@EleazerBryan I didn't think of blocking these people, because there are so many of them. But maybe I should start doing that.

SD = Self-Destruct. To quit the match, essentially. I forgot, but if you SD too much you can get temporarily banned, so I probably shouldn't do that.

It looks like I cannot vote in my own poll; what I would do is not be toxic back and just play it out. Then I might take note of the user and then block them, and maybe report them.

@golemwire Out of curiosity I checked my "banned" list and there are dozens. A lot of bad people out there but there are also a lot of good ones. This is life. :)

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