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So, here's a map of where Clearview's online surveillance system has been found illegal by data protection authorities (blue), and where legal challenges are ongoing (purple)

Well, here we are proving the naysayers wrong. We are shipping products with PureOS and we achieved exactly what we wanted: convergence between the desktop/ Librem laptop and the Librem phone. Here is a quick look!

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (
) shows how to get fabulous results from your Librem 5 camera. Plus, bonus cat pictures shot with L5! Learn how we've improved➡️

March ahead with ultra-secure option when you order L14. Enter code, AIDISCOUNT, to get $100 off when you choose "PureBoot Anti-Interdiction" option on Firmware at the e-store link for Librem 14 laptop.🔐

Clearview AI is a creepy online surveillance company, found unlawful in various jurisdictions

Tell the companies they want to work with to sign our pledge & say no to dodgy data ❌

@Uber @lyft @Bumble @Airbnb @Handy @Sittercity @Veriff @jumio @Onfido

Imagine your boss was an algorithm. Imagine you got fired by that algorithm.

Hard to believe?

Well, that's already the case for a lot of gig economy workers.

We don't want a future where we're all #ManagedByBots.

Take 2 mins to join our campaign:

Another developer of open source software has tired of companies utilizing the code he helps maintain without giving anything back to support the project.

The San Francisco Police Department illegally spied on Black-led protests against police violence in 2020. Watch @eff and @ACLU_NorCal ask a court to hold SFPD accountable at a livestreamed hearing.

"Jaywalking" as a crime was invented by car companies in the 20s, to shift blame to people on foot for being hit by cars. "Littering" was invented in the 50s by paper cup and tin can manufacturers to shift blame to people who drop trash. The phrase "personal carbon footprint" came from a BP marketing campaign intended to shift blame for climate change away from petrochemical companies to individuals.

When they call themselves "the party of personal responsibility"?

This is what that means.

Got to play (as in only tested, and did none of the work), with a couple merge requests in to improve VPN support in
Top bar shows a VPN padlock symbol, and the openvpn connection worked. In this case using Librem One. And Duckduckgo thinks I am in the US.
One note: this was only for adding better support for VPN in , the VPN settings panels in Control Center still need to be made adaptive. But again: “hey it is progress”. Kudos to @agx for this work!

The data-intensive tactics used by the opposition to reproductive rights to curtail access to abortion care range from misleading websites to sophisticated ad targeting. Read more here 👇

🎉 We are pleased to announce that the Murena Fairphone 4 is now available for pre-order in most European countries!

This is the next step in our partnership with @Fairphone

🚀 This is the first #5G modular and privacy conscious phone in the market

🗓️ All pre-orders will be shipped starting January 11th, 2022

Pre-order on:

So far 's system prompts had no way to express the input purpose as used underneath didn't yet support it, hence e.g. a SIM card pin prompt would bring up a full keyboard instead of just a keypad.

After patching , , and gnome-settings-deamon this is how it looks like atm:

Some groundwork for in paved the way to fix touch and tablet output mapping so you can e.g. use your nexdock's touch screen as well with . I also made single output mode a bit more useful/robust. MRs are posted:

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